Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10 mx 20 cm
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10 mx 20 cm
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10 mx 20 cm
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10 mx 20 cm
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10...
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10...
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10...
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10...

Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10 mx 20 cm

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Would you like to order Omnifix fixation plaster 10 mx 20 cm?

Are you looking for the perfect fixation plaster for bandages and medical applications? Then definitely consider Omnifix fixation plaster with an impressive width of 20 cm, the leading choice for healthcare professionals. We will show you why Omnifix is the best choice for your bandage coverage and fixation needs.

Why Omnifix fixation plaster 10 mx 20 cm?

Omnifix fixation plaster with a width of 20 cm is the ideal choice for complete bandage coverage and fixation in all medical areas. This extra width makes it the perfect option for safely and effectively fixing bandages on joints, round and conical body parts, as well as for attaching measuring instruments, probes, catheters and more. Here are some key reasons why you should choose Omnifix with these dimensions:

1. Width of 20 cm for maximum coverage

With an impressive width of 20 cm, Omnifix fixation plaster offers the possibility of complete and maximum coverage during bandage covering and fixation. This makes it ideally suited for larger body areas and bandage fixation where extra width is required.

2. Hypoallergenic and soft

Omnifix fixation plaster is hypoallergenic and made of white non-woven material with a synthetic adhesive layer. This makes it particularly gentle and suitable for patients with sensitive skin. You can rest assured that Omnifix will not cause irritation, even with prolonged use.

3. Elastic and smooth

This fixation plaster is elastic in width, which means that it adapts to the contours of the body. This makes it ideal for securing bandages on various body parts, including joints. Omnifix stays in place even with movement, which is essential for effective dressing fixation.

4. Breathable and water vapor permeable

Omnifix fixation plaster is extremely breathable and allows water vapor to pass through. This allows the skin underneath to breathe and prevents maceration (softening of the skin). This keeps the skin healthy and comfortable, even under the bandage.

5. Safe and painless removal

No one enjoys removing sticky bandages, but Omnifix makes this process simple and painless. The adhesive layer of this fixation plaster is securely adhesive, but does not leave any annoying residue on the skin. This makes removing the patch a worry-free experience for patients.

6. Sterilizable

Omnifix fixation plaster can be sterilized using radiation. This makes it suitable for use in sterile environments and guarantees the highest level of hygiene for medical applications.

7. Radiation indifferent

If you work with measuring instruments, probes or catheters that are radiation sensitive, Omnifix fixation patch is the right choice. It is radiation indifferent, meaning it maintains its quality and performance even in radiation environments.

What do I use Omnifix fixation plaster for?

Omnifix fixation plaster with a width of 20 cm is versatile and suitable for various applications in the medical world. Here are some of the most common uses:

Bandage fixation

Omnifix offers a firm fixation for bandages of all types and sizes. The extra width of 20 cm ensures complete coverage and security when fixing bandages on larger body parts.

Catheter fixation patch

Omnifix with a width of 20 cm is ideal for the safe and secure attachment of catheters. The hypoallergenic adhesive layer provides comfort and prevents skin irritation, even in patients with sensitive skin.

Probe fixation patch

Attaching probes is crucial for medical procedures. Omnifix fixation plaster offers reliable and painless attachment, even on larger body parts where wider fixation is required.

Where to buy Omnifix fixation plaster?

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of Omnifix fixation plaster with a width of 20 cm, you may be wondering where you can buy this high-quality product. Fortunately, Omnifix is widely available from medical suppliers and online retailers. Make sure you buy from a reliable supplier to ensure the quality of the product.

Omnifix fixation patch with a width of 20 cm is the ultimate choice for healthcare professionals who need reliable bandage fixation on larger body areas. With its hypoallergenic, soft, elastic, and breathable properties, it provides complete coverage and comfort for various medical applications. Whether you need to fix bandages, catheters or probes, Omnifix with these dimensions provides the performance and comfort you need. Choose Omnifix and ensure yourself of high-quality fixation plasters for all your medical needs.

Product specifications Omnifix fixation plaster 9006052

  • Contents: 1 roll
  • Dimensions: 10 m x 20 cm
  • Hartmann article number 9006052
  • Material: Non-woven adhesive layer
10 m x 20 cm
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