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Buy lancets? What are lancets?

Lancets are small medical instruments used to make a quick and minimal puncture in the skin, usually at the fingertip, to obtain a small amount of blood. They are an essential part of daily life for many people, especially those who need to regularly monitor their blood glucose or other blood parameters.

What do you use lancets for?

The primary use of lancets is in diabetes care. Diabetics need to check their blood glucose levels regularly to manage their blood sugar levels. This is done by obtaining a small drop of blood using a lancet, which is then placed on a test strip that is read in a glucose meter.

Which diabetes lancets do I need?

Choosing the right lancet can affect how comfortable and efficient the lancing process is. The choice of lancets may vary based on personal preference, skin type and the specific needs of the user.

Accu-Chek Fastclix & Softclix, Microlet, Abbott Freestyle, Caresens, HT One, Beurer, Klinion lancets

The world of lancets is diverse, with different brands each offering their unique features and benefits. Accu-Chek, for example, is known for its Fastclix and Softclix line, which are designed for virtually painless injections. Other popular brands such as Microlet, Abbott Freestyle and Caresens also have their loyal users due to their reliability and comfort. HT One, Beurer and Klinion are other renowned brands known for their quality lancets.

Suitable with the correct lancing device

It is not only important to choose the right lancet, but also to make sure it is compatible with the lancing device you are using. A lancing device is the device that holds the lancet and, when activated, quickly pushes the lancet into the skin to make a puncture. Each lancing device is designed to work with specific lancets, so checking for compatibility is essential.

HT One safety lancets

An innovative solution on the market is the HT One safety lancet. These lancets are unique because they do not require a traditional lancing device. They are designed to be used immediately, making the lancing process easier and faster. Furthermore, they are available in different sizes, including 1.5, 1.8, 2.2 and 2.5 mm, allowing users to adjust the depth of the puncture to their needs.

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