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Buy an AED cabinet? What are the advantages of an AED cabinet?

Purchasing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a commendable investment in the health and safety of those around you. But storing this life-saving device in a safe and accessible place is equally important. This is where the AED cabinet comes into the picture. But what makes an AED cabinet so essential and what benefits does it offer? An AED cabinet protects your valuable defibrillator against possible damage due to external factors, such as dust, dirt or water. This not only extends the life of the AED, but also ensures that it is always ready for use when needed. In addition, it increases the visibility of the AED, allowing for a faster response in emergency situations.

When to place a Defibrillator inside or outside the cabinet?

Choosing the right type of AED cabinet largely depends on where you plan to store the device.

Aivia outdoor cabinets with PIN code, heating and alarm

If you plan to place your AED outside, where it will be exposed to changing weather conditions, an outdoor cabinet such as the Aivia cabinet is ideal. These specifically designed outdoor cabinets are often equipped with additional functions to protect the AED. Take, for example, the Aivia outdoor cabinets that are equipped with a PIN code. This ensures that the AED is secure from unauthorized access, while at the same time being quickly accessible to those who know the code in the event of an emergency. In addition, many Aivia cabinets have heating mechanisms. This is vital, especially in colder climates, as it helps keep the AED at an optimal operating temperature. The alarm is another crucial feature present in these cabinets. When the cabinet is opened, a loud alarm sounds that warns bystanders and deters any fraudulent users.

Wall cabinets for the ME Pad AED - CU Medical

For AEDs that are stored indoors, such as in offices, sports facilities or public buildings, a wall cabinet such as the one for the ME Pad AED is an excellent choice. These cabinets are usually simpler in design compared to outdoor cabinets, but still provide essential protection against dust and impact. In addition, the prominent placement on the wall ensures that the AED is immediately visible and quickly accessible in the event of an emergency.

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