Soap for hand cleaning. Easy in bottle with dispenser or Euro bottles for the soap dispensers.

Various brands such as Baktolin, Unicura, Hypogenic, Dermotect, MHCI, ....

The art of hand cleaning: Professional soap versus home soap

The hands are one of the most used parts of our body and are in constant contact with all kinds of surfaces. This makes them susceptible to ingesting bacteria and other pathogens. However, the simple act of washing hands can make a significant difference in reducing the spread of disease. Whether you are looking for a soap for professional use in healthcare, hospitality or another sector, or a mild, moisturizing soap for daily use at home, the right choice is essential. Discover the various types of soaps we offer and choose the one that suits you best.

Professional soap: For the challenging conditions

Professionals, especially in sectors such as healthcare, often face challenges when it comes to hand hygiene. The need to wash hands several times a day requires a soap that both effectively cleanses and cares for the skin. The Baktolin range, including Baktolin Pure and Baktolin Sensitive, has been specially developed for these challenging conditions. These soaps provide thorough cleaning to ensure maximum hygiene, but at the same time are gentle on the skin. Baktolin Pure is suitable for most skin types and provides balanced cleansing without drying out the skin. For those with more sensitive skin or who are prone to allergies, Baktolin Sensitive is an ideal choice. It is formulated without harsh chemicals and provides gentle cleaning. What is also striking about the Baktolin line is the availability of different volumes. Whether you need a compact 500ml unit for smaller spaces or larger 1000ml and 5000ml units for high-traffic locations, there is a Baktolin product to suit every need.

Soap for home: Daily care and protection

At home it is important to have a soap that both protects and nourishes. For daily hand hygiene, the Unicura soap range is an excellent choice. Known for its antibacterial properties, Unicura not only provides deep cleaning, but also a layer of protection against pathogens. Unicura comes in different variants, each tailored to specific needs. Whether you are looking for an extra moisturizing soap for dry skin or a variant with a fresh scent, Unicura has an extensive range to choose from.

The soap selection at

At we understand that everyone has unique needs when it comes to hand hygiene. That is why we offer a wide range of soaps, both for professional use and for daily use at home. Our soaps have been carefully selected based on quality, effectiveness and skin friendliness. Whether you are a doctor who needs a reliable soap for your practice, a chef who maintains the highest hygiene standards in the kitchen, or someone who is simply looking for a daily soap for your home, has the perfect solution . Discover our extensive collection of soaps and choose the soap that suits you best. And remember, good hand hygiene starts with the right soap.