Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection

We offer a wide range of disinfection and hygiene products from well-known brands such as: Sterillium, Betadine, CMT, Purell, Unicura, Dettol, Salvequick, Hibicet, Hansaplast, HEKA and Hartmann. Place a bottle of disinfectant next to your first aid kit for a hygienic environment.

Hand disinfection is effective against bacteria, mycobacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses. Hand disinfection is particularly skin-friendly and moisturizing.

Hand disinfection: Protection against pathogens

In our dynamic world where germs and viruses are always lurking, hand disinfection has become a crucial step in our daily hygiene routine. With different brands and products on the market, it is sometimes a challenge to choose the best disinfectant that is both effective and gentle on the skin. Two leading brands, Hartman Sterillium and CMT, distinguish themselves by their quality and effectiveness.

Hartman Sterillium: The classic in hand disinfection

For years, Hartman Sterillium has been known as one of the reliable choices in the world of hand disinfection. From hospitals to schools and offices, Sterillium has proven its power time and time again. The lotion and gel variants of Sterillium combine a powerful antibacterial effect with a gentle formula. This means that while you are assured of clean hands, your skin also remains hydrated and protected. Regular use of hand disinfectants can dry out the skin, but with Hartman Sterillium's caring ingredients this risk is minimized. This balance between effective protection and skin care is what makes Sterillium such a popular choice in both professional and personal settings.

CMT Hand Disinfection: Innovation and effectiveness

CMT, a brand that has established itself as a trailblazer in the hand hygiene industry, offers products that are both innovative and effective. Whether you prefer a lotion or a gel, CMT has a solution that suits your specific needs. What sets CMT apart is their commitment to continuous research and development. They are constantly looking for the latest technologies and ingredients that not only kill germs but also promote skin health. Their products give users the confidence that they are protected against harmful bacteria and viruses, while their hands feel soft and cared for.

Why is hand disinfection so important?

Hands are a primary point of contact between people and their environment. Whether we touch a doorknob, shake hands or hold objects, our hands constantly come into contact with surfaces that may harbor bacteria and viruses. By regularly disinfecting your hands, you reduce the risk of transmitting these germs and protect not only yourself but also the people around you. Both Hartman Sterillium and CMT offer products that act quickly, killing a broad spectrum of germs within seconds. This gives users the confidence that they are protected quickly and effectively, wherever they are.

Hand disinfection at multicare-centrum.nl

At multicare-centrum.nl we understand the importance of quality hand disinfection. That is why we have a carefully selected range from leading brands such as Hartman Sterillium and CMT. Whether you're looking for a product for personal use or for a larger facility, multicare-centrum.nl has what you need. Our team of experts is ready to advise you on the best products for your specific needs. Order your hand disinfection quickly and cheaply from multicare-centrum.nl