Eurodispenser Safety plus 500ml
Eurodispenser Safety plus 500ml
Eurodispenser Safety plus 500ml
Eurodispenser Safety plus 500ml

Eurodispenser Safety plus 500ml

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Buy Eurodispenser 500ml: The ideal disinfection dispenser for your medical practice

Discover the benefits of the Eurodispenser 500ml

Effective hand disinfection is critical in every medical practice and healthcare environment. With the Eurodispenser 500ml you can efficiently and hygienically offer disinfectants such as Sterillium, Sterillium MED, Baktolin Pure and Baktolin Sensitive to both medical staff and patients. This dispenser is not only suitable for a wide range of disinfectants, but also offers various advantages that improve hand hygiene in your practice.

Suitable for various disinfectants

The Eurodispenser 500ml is designed to fit the popular BODE 500ml bottles including Sterillium, Sterillium MED, Baktolin Pure and Baktolin Sensitive. This means that you can offer different disinfectants without having to change dispensers. In addition, the dispenser is compatible with BODE 1000ml bottles with a single-use pump with long nozzle, giving you flexibility in your product choice.

NB! This dispenser is supplied without a pump. Order these separately via the related products.

Wide application range

The Eurodispenser 500ml is not only suitable for BODE products, but also for many bottles from other manufacturers. This makes it a versatile choice for your practice, giving you the freedom to choose which disinfectants best suit your needs.

Hygienic and comfortable to use

The dispenser is equipped with a wide push arm, making it comfortable and hygienic to operate (with the elbow). This is especially useful in medical settings where hand hygiene is of utmost importance. The built-in lock ensures that the dispenser is well secured and prevents unauthorized use without the need for a key.

Integrated drip tray

To prevent spills and leaks, the Eurodispenser 500ml is equipped with an integrated drip tray. This ensures a clean and tidy environment around the dispenser, which is essential in a medical setting where hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance.

Safe and stable

Thanks to the flat bottom and non-slip feet, the dispenser can be placed safely on flat surfaces. This ensures that the dispenser remains firmly in place, even with intensive use.

Easy to clean and install

The smooth, rounded exterior of the Eurodispenser 500ml makes it easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the dispenser is easy and quick to install, whether via screwing or gluing. The dispenser comes with mounting materials and instructions for your convenience.

Quick change of bottles

The Eurodispenser 500ml makes it possible to change disinfectant bottles quickly and easily. This saves time and minimizes interruptions in your daily work.

The Eurodispenser 500ml is the ideal disinfection dispenser for medical practices and healthcare institutions. With its versatility, hygienic operation, integrated drip tray and compatibility with various disinfectants, this dispenser offers a complete solution for hand hygiene in your practice. Improve the safety and health of both your staff and patients by investing in the Eurodispenser 500ml. With its durability and ease of use, this dispenser will be a valuable addition to your medical environment.


  • Hartmann article number: 9814671
  • Suitable for 500ml bottles from BODE/Hartmann
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