Littmann Core

Littmann Core stethoscope for 40x sound amplification

When your hearing is not optimal, the quality of medical care you provide can become a challenge. That's why the Littmann Core stethoscope is a revolutionary step forward, specifically designed for hearing-impaired medical professionals. This stethoscope combines Littmann's proven acoustic quality with advanced digital technology to provide an unparalleled listening experience.

The Littmann Core Stethoscope: Technology and Tradition Together in a Revolutionary Medical Instrument

The Littmann Core stethoscope combines high-quality acoustics with the latest technological innovations, making it an indispensable tool for medical professionals. In this article we explain why the Littmann Core is a game-changer in healthcare.

Why choose the Littmann Core stethoscope?

If you are looking for a stethoscope that excels in reliability, ease of use and advanced features, the Littmann Core is your best choice. Here are some reasons why this model is way ahead of the competition.

Ability to connect to a hearing aid

The Littmann Core allows you to seamlessly connect your stethoscope to hearing aids. This is an unparalleled benefit for healthcare professionals with hearing impairments and significantly improves patient care. The hearing aid must have the function of bluetooth connection.

The Littmann Core stethoscope amplifies the sound up to 40x

The acoustic power of the Littmann Core is unparalleled. With the ability to amplify sounds up to 40 times, you are assured of highly detailed and clear auscultation.

Access to the Littmann EKO App: Recording sounds

The stethoscope can be linked to the Littmann EKO app, making it possible to record sounds. This is useful not only for sharing with colleagues for consultation, but also for educational purposes and tracking patient data over a longer period of time.

Available in different colors

Personal style and professionalism go hand in hand with the Littmann Core stethoscope. Available in different colors, you can choose a stethoscope that suits your personal preference and the look of your practice.

Who can benefit from the Littmann Core?

Medical professionals

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, or paramedic, the superior acoustic quality and technological features make this an excellent choice for any healthcare provider.

Students in medical subjects

The Littmann Core is also a valuable resource for medical students. The advanced features provide an excellent learning opportunity and the durable construction ensures that this stethoscope will last you through many years of study and practice.

Teachers and researchers

With capabilities to record and share auscultation data, the Littmann Core is also ideal for medical and healthcare educators and researchers.

Durability and reliability

The Littmann Core is not only technologically advanced, but also built to last. It features a flexible hose that is resistant to skin oils and alcohol, and is latex-free, making it suitable for professionals and allergy sufferers.

With its advanced technological features, superior acoustics and wide range of color options, the Littmann Core sets a new standard in medical diagnostic equipment. Whether you are an experienced healthcare professional or a student just starting out, this is the stethoscope that will help you deliver optimal care to your patients. Order your Littmann Core stethoscope now and experience the next generation of medical technology for yourself.

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