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Control solution to check your blood glucose meter.

Buy control solution? What is control solution?

When monitoring blood glucose levels with a glucose meter, accuracy is essential. This is where control solution comes into the picture. But what exactly is control solution and how does it contribute to the reliability of your measurements?

Control solution: An essential tool for accuracy

Control solution is a special fluid that contains a known amount of glucose. This fluid is used to check that a glucose meter and test strips are working properly and giving accurate results. By regularly using control solution, a person or healthcare provider can have confidence in the meter's readings.

What do you use control solution for?

Control solution plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy of blood glucose meters. It is used to confirm that the meter and test strips are working together correctly and that they have not been affected by factors such as temperature fluctuations or damage. If the meter gives a reading that matches the expected value of the control solution, you can be confident that your equipment is functioning properly.

Which control solution for my glucose meter do I need?

Each glucose meter has its own specific control solution designed to work optimally with that specific device and its associated test strips. It is therefore important to select the correct control solution for your specific meter.

MediTouch2, Accu-Chek Mobile, Instant, Performa, Abbott Freestyle, Contour and Contour Next control solution

There are several top brands in the world of glucose monitoring that offer their own specific control solutions. For example, the MediTouch2 control solution is specially formulated to work with the MediTouch2 glucose meter. Likewise, the Accu-Chek Mobile, Instant and Performa control solutions are each optimized for their respective meters. Abbott Freestyle, Contour and Contour Next are other leading brands that also offer high-quality control solutions that perfectly match their product ranges.

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