Refill Picklist

Looking for the contents of a first aid kit or first aid kit?

Is the contents of the first-aid kit or first-aid kit on location no longer complete or expired? With us you have come to the right place for a complete refill or all individual first aid aids . It is important that your first aid kit/drum is up-to-date and has not exceeded its best-before date. Check the first aid kit annually for content or expiry date so that you comply with the ARBO Act and never have a problem with the audit control.

You can easily and quickly order individual items per type with our Checklists . Please forward the completed checklists to our email address for quick processing.

A first aid kit or first aid kit can be provided with different first aid contents. So check carefully whether you have a first-aid kit with an A/B/BHV or first-aid kit on site.