List of products by brand Hartmann

Are you looking for top quality medical items? Paul Hartmann has what you need. From Sterillium for unparalleled disinfection to the soothing Grassolind ointment compresses, Paul Hartmann offers a wide range of products essential for any medical professional or home care situation. Whether you need Atrauman compresses for optimal wound healing, Coverflex for flexible fixation, Idealflex for firm support, Lastodur for long-term compression or MEDICOMP compresses for versatile applications, Paul Hartmann has it all. These products are available from stock and are delivered quickly, so you are always prepared. Choose Paul Hartmann and experience the certainty of high-quality medical items that take your care to a higher level.

Discover the world of Paul Hartmann: innovation and care at its best

When you think of products that not only provide care and protection, but also radiate innovation and quality, you think of Paul Hartmann. This brand has put itself on the map with a range of products that are essential for both healthcare professionals and personal use. But why would you choose Paul Hartmann? Let's delve deeper into what makes this brand so unique.

Why buy Paul Hartmann products?

A feeling of security and improved quality of life: Paul Hartmann is all about providing security and improving quality of life, especially with incontinence. Their products are designed to help people live a comfortable and worry-free life, regardless of their medical needs. Innovation is central to Paul Hartmann. The brand is continuously developing forward-looking solutions that not only improve the quality of life, but also support healthcare providers by offering higher quality and cost-effectiveness.

Technology for optimal reliability

Technology and innovation are the driving forces behind the reliability and effectiveness of Paul Hartmann products. Each product is the result of extensive research and development, designed to meet the highest standards.

Which Hartmann products?

Paul Hartmann offers a wide range of products that are essential in both professional healthcare and for personal use. Here are some of their top products:

  • Sterillium disinfection Sterillium & Sterillium MED:

    The gold standard in hand disinfection. Reliable, effective and gentle on the skin. Baktolin Hand Soap A gentle, but effective solution for hand hygiene that protects and cares for the skin.
  • Atrauman compresses:

    Non-adhesive compresses for the treatment of wounds, promote rapid healing by creating an optimal wound environment.
  • Cosmopor island patches:

    Self-adhesive sterile plasters that are ideal for covering cuts and scrapes, with an absorbent pad that effectively absorbs wound fluid.
  • Dermaplast plasters

    A wide range of plasters for different types of wounds, including water-resistant and elastic variants. Kinesio tape Supportive and therapeutic tape used to treat muscle, ligament and tendon injuries, promotes natural healing processes.
  • Hartmann Peha-Soft nitrile disposable gloves

    High-quality, latex-free gloves that provide both comfort and protection, suitable for people with latex allergies.

Each of these products reflects Paul Hartmann's commitment to quality, innovation and reliability. They are designed with the user in mind, to ensure both comfort and effectiveness.

Order Paul Hartmann

Paul Hartmann is synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability in healthcare. Their extensive range of products provides solutions for a wide range of medical needs, from wound care to personal hygiene and protection. By choosing Paul Hartmann, you choose products that not only improve your life or that of your patients, but also contribute to a higher standard of care and well-being. Discover the difference Paul Hartmann can make today.