Baktolan Protect pure 350 ml
Baktolan Protect pure 350 ml
Baktolan Protect pure 350 ml
Baktolan Protect pure 350 ml

Baktolan Protect pure 350 ml

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Find out why Baktolan Protect Pure is the best choice for your skin care needs. This perfume-free water-in-oil-in-water lotion offers a unique combination of benefits, with the properties of a quickly absorbed o/w formula and a protective and maintaining w/o formula. Read on to understand why Baktolan Protect Pure is a must-have for your daily skincare routine.

Baktolan Protect Pure: The benefits

1. Promotes the regeneration of stressed skin

Baktolan Protect Pure is specially designed to support the regeneration of your skin, especially when exposed to daily stressors. The presence of bisabolol in the formula contributes to the recovery process of your skin, making it look healthy and radiant.

2. Strong protective effect when working with aqueous solutions

If you regularly work with aqueous solutions, you know how stressful this can be for your skin. Baktolan Protect Pure offers powerful protection, making your skin less susceptible to the harmful effects of watery substances. This makes it ideal for professionals who work in a humid environment.

3. Strengthens the skin barrier

A healthy skin barrier is essential for maintaining a radiant complexion and protecting your skin against harmful external influences. Baktolan Protect Pure helps strengthen your skin barrier, making it more resistant to daily stress and irritations.

4. Innovative formula (w/o/w Emulsion)

What makes Baktolan Protect Pure really special is the innovative formula of a w/o/w emulsion. This creates a unique texture that is easily spreadable and quickly absorbed by the skin. You will not experience an unpleasant greasy film on your skin, which is often the case with other lotions.

5. Excellent skin tolerability

This lotion is designed with sensitive skin in mind. The excellent skin tolerability ensures that even people with sensitive skin can use this lotion with confidence. It does not cause irritation and is mild on the skin.

6. Prevents skin irritation when wearing gloves

If you often wear gloves, you know that this can cause skin irritations. Baktolan Protect Pure helps prevent these irritations and keeps your skin healthy, even after prolonged use of gloves.

7. Significantly reduces skin irritations

Not only does Baktolan Protect Pure prevent skin irritations, but it can also significantly reduce existing irritations. This makes it an effective choice for people who already suffer from skin problems.

8. Fragrance and silicone free

For those sensitive to fragrances or silicones, Baktolan Protect Pure is the perfect choice. It is completely fragrance and silicone free, making it gentle on the senses and skin.

9. No harm to the health of foodstuffs (HACCP Assessed)

If you work in the food industry, it is important to know that Baktolan Protect Pure complies with the HACCP guidelines. This means that it has no harmful impact on the health of foods, making it safe to use in this environment.

10. Free from silicones and preservatives

Baktolan Protect Pure is proud of its formula that is free of silicones and preservatives. This makes it a natural choice for those who strive for a healthy and clean skincare routine.

Why choose Baktolan Protect Pure?

Baktolan Protect Pure offers a range of benefits that make it an indispensable product for anyone who values healthy and radiant skin. Whether you are in a demanding work environment or simply looking for an effective skin care solution, Baktolan Protect Pure has everything you need.

By choosing Baktolan Protect Pure, you invest in the health and beauty of your skin. Its innovative formula, combined with the many benefits it offers, makes it the ultimate choice for skin care.

Baktolan Protect Pure is easily available and provides long-lasting results. Pamper your skin with the best care and discover why so many people rely on Baktolan Protect Pure for their daily skin care routine.

Buy Baktolan Protect Pure today and give your skin the loving attention it deserves. You will quickly see and experience the positive changes this amazing lotion has to offer. Your skin will thank you!

Product specifications Baktolan 9811823 Protect+ pure 350 ml

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  • Contents: 1 bottle
  • Size: 350 ml
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