Sterillium hand disinfectant 1000ml (1liter)
Sterillium hand disinfectant 1000ml (1liter)
Sterillium hand disinfectant 1000ml (1liter)
Sterillium hand disinfectant 1000ml (1liter)

Sterillium hand disinfectant 1000ml (1liter)

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Effective hand disinfection is an important measure to prevent infections and cross-contamination.

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Buy Sterilium? Ensure optimal hand hygiene with Sterillium!

Do you want to be sure of optimal hand hygiene? Then Sterillium is the perfect product for you. With us you can buy Sterillium, the most commonly used hand disinfectant in professional and medical environments. Find out when you need Sterillium and how to use it correctly.

When do I need Sterillium?

Sterillium is a powerful hand sanitizer that effectively kills bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. You need Sterillium in the following situations:

  • Before and after preparing food, to prevent food-related infections.
  • After a visit to the toilet, to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Before and after caring for wounds, to prevent infections.
  • During seasons when infectious diseases are common, such as flu season.
  • In public places, such as public transport, shops and offices, where you regularly come into contact with different surfaces and other people.

By regularly using Sterillium, you protect yourself and others against infections and you contribute to a hygienic environment.

How do I use Sterillium?

Using Sterillium is simple and effective. Follow these steps for optimal hand disinfection:

  1. Take enough Sterillium in your palm, about 3 ml.
  2. Carefully rub your hands together for 30 seconds, not forgetting the space between your fingers, your thumbs, and the backs of your hands.
  3. Make sure your hands are completely covered with Sterillium.
  4. Keep rubbing until your hands are dry.

By following these steps, you ensure a thorough disinfection of your hands. Sterillium dries quickly and does not leave a sticky feeling.

Opt for optimal hand hygiene with Sterillium. Order today and ensure clean and healthy hands!

  • extensive spectrum of activity
  • very good residual effect
  • decrease in transient flora by more than 99.99% in 30 sec.
  • surgical hand disinfection within 1.5 min.
  • exceptional skin friendliness, even with prolonged use
  • excellent protective and caring properties
  • Available in different units of 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml & 5000ml.
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