Respiratory backpack

Respiratory backpack

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Buy a breathing backpack? Always prepared with a Kiss of Life!

Are you considering buying a respirator backpack? A resuscitation backpack, equipped with a HEKA resuscitation cloth, is an indispensable tool that ensures that you are always prepared to apply life-saving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in emergency situations.

Why mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is a critical skill in providing first aid to unconscious victims or individuals who are no longer able to breathe on their own. By blowing air into the victim's lungs, oxygen can be added and blood circulation maintained. This is vital in emergency situations where the victim's breathing stops or is severely impaired.

Important for First Aid & Emergency Response training

A respirator backpack is not only useful for daily use, but also invaluable during first aid and emergency response training. It allows you to practice mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a realistic and safe way. This way you remain well prepared for emergency situations and you can respond quickly and adequately if necessary.

How do I use a breathing backpack?

The respirator backpack is very user-friendly. Thanks to the compact design, you can easily take the backpack with you. In case of an emergency, remove the HEKA Respirator Cloth from the backpack and place it over the victim's mouth and nose. Then exhale through the mouthpiece of the cloth so that air is blown into the victim's lungs. Continue to follow CPR guidelines until professional help arrives.


  • The key ring/rescue bag is a bag filled with one pair of vinyl gloves and resuscitation cloth.
  • Color blue
  • Supplied without printing
  • Including handy loop to attach to a bunch of keys
  • Beautiful as a gift / present

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