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Burn compress 5 x 5 cm

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Buy burn compress?

Find out when and how to use a burn compress and which burn compress is suitable for burns. Use Burncare burn products for effective burn care.

Do you want to buy a burn compress? With us you will find high-quality burn dressings that are essential for the treatment of burns. In this text we explain when you need a burn compress, how to use it and which burn compress is suitable for burns. Use the excellent quality of Burncare burns products for effective burn care.

When do I need a burn compress?

A burn compress is necessary for first and second degree burns. The compress provides protection to the burn, relieves pain and promotes the healing process. Before applying the burn compress, it is important to immediately cool the burn with lukewarm running water for at least 10 minutes. This will remove the heat from the burn and prevent further damage. You can then gently apply the burn compress to the burn.

How do I use a burn compress?

Using a burn compress is easy. After cooling the burn sufficiently, open the package of the burn compress and place it directly on the burn. Make sure the compress covers the entire burn. You can keep the compress in place with a gauze bandage or an elastic bandage. It is important to check the burn compress regularly and replace it if necessary. Always consult a medical professional for further treatment and advice.

Which burn compress is good for burns?

For effective burn care, we recommend the use of Burncare burn products. Burncare burn dressings are specially designed for the treatment of burns. They consist of a hydrogel applied to a compress. This hydrogel has a cooling effect, relieves pain and promotes the healing process. In addition, Burncare burn dressings have an antibacterial effect, which reduces the risk of infections.

Choose Burncare burn dressings and ensure yourself of high-quality burn care.

  • Size: 5 x 5 cm
  • Contents: 1 piece
  • Suitable for large burns
  • Immediate analgesic effect
  • Can also be used for abrasions and sunburn
  • Does not stick to the wound
5 x 5 cm
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