Braun Eye Wash Bottle NaCl 500ml

Braun Eye Wash Bottle NaCl 500ml

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Buy Braun Eye Wash 500ml - Professional eye wash for your safety in the warehouse or at home

Looking for high-quality eyewash that meets professional standards? Then consider purchasing a 500 ml Braun eyewash. Discover the benefits of this advanced eye wash and why Braun is the right choice for your eye safety.

Benefits of Braun Eyewash

A Braun eye wash offers several benefits that contribute to your eye care and safety: Gentle Rinse: Braun Eye Wash is specially formulated to be gentle and comfortable on the eyes. It helps effectively wash away impurities and foreign matter. Sterile Formula: Braun Eye Wash is sterile and free from harmful substances. This ensures safe and effective rinsing of the eyes. Quick Help: In case of eye irritation, dirt or chemical exposure, Braun eyewash provides quick help to immediately rinse the eyes.

Why Sodium Chloride Eyewash?

Sodium Chloride (saline) is a safe and effective solution for eyewash. It is similar to the natural salt content of the eye, making it less irritating when rinsing the eyes. Braun eye wash uses Sodium Chloride to provide optimal eye care.

Order your Braun eye shower 500ml now

Opt for professional eye care and safety with the Braun 500 ml eye wash. With Braun's gentle and effective formula, you can always rely on quick relief from eye irritations and blemishes. Invest in your eye health and order now. Don't wait for an emergency, make sure you have the best eye care at your fingertips with Braun.

The eye wash is an eye wash of sterile saline solution: 0.9% NaCl. This eye wash includes an integrated and ergonomically shaped eye bath. The bottle is for single use and the contents can be rinsed intensively for about five minutes. Available as a separate bottle or as a wall set. The wall set consists of a dustproof cassette with two bottles and a mirror.

Specifications Braun eye shower 500 ml

  • Content: 500 ml
  • Brand: Brown
  • Content type: Sodium Chloride 0.9% solution
Product type
Sodium Chloride 0.9%
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