Medicomp gauzes non woven 10 x 10 cm 4 layers 100 pieces
Medicomp gauzes non woven 10 x 10 cm 4 layers 100 pieces
Medicomp gauzes non woven 10 x 10 cm...
Medicomp gauzes non woven 10 x 10 cm...

Medicomp gauzes non woven 10 x 10 cm 4 layers 100 pieces

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Want to buy Medicomp non Woven gauze?

Are you looking for high-quality non-sterile gauze compresses? Then definitely consider Medicomp 10 x 10 cm non-woven gauze compresses. These compresses come in a handy pack of 100 and offer a range of benefits for various medical applications. In this text we will take you through the properties and benefits of Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses.

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Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses are made from a mix of viscose and polyester fibers. This composition results in a high-quality, durable product that is perfectly suitable for medical use. These gauze compresses are non-sterile, which means that they can be used flexibly for various purposes.

The gauze compresses are 4-layered and therefore offer optimal absorption capacity. This makes them particularly suitable for absorbing body fluids, which is crucial in wound care. Another important feature is that they are completely free of binders and optical brighteners. This minimizes the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritation, which is especially important for sensitive skin types.

In addition, the non-woven structure of the compresses is air-permeable, allowing the skin to breathe properly. This promotes the healing process and reduces the risk of infections. In addition, the compresses can be easily expanded to obtain larger sizes, which is useful for different applications.

What do I use the Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses for?

The versatility of Medicomp non-woven gauze pads makes them indispensable in any medical pantry. Here are some of the most important applications:

Primary dressing for damaged skin

When you are dealing with damaged skin, such as abrasions or minor cuts, a good primary dressing is essential. Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses provide a soft and absorbent layer that protects the wound and promotes the healing process.

Initial wound cleaning

When it comes to wound care, thorough cleaning of the wound is crucial. These gauze pads can be used to gently clean wounds without leaving lint behind. This minimizes the risk of infection and allows the healing process to proceed undisturbed.

Cleansing intact and damaged skin

Medicomp gauze compresses are ideal not only for wounds, but also for general skin cleansing. They are gentle enough to use even on intact skin, and their air permeability allows the skin to breathe.

Carrier material of external products

These compresses can serve as a carrier material for various external products such as disinfectants and ointments. They hold the products in place and ensure even distribution on the skin.

Secondary dressing for acute and chronic wounds

Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses can also be used as a secondary dressing for both acute and chronic wounds. They provide protection and absorption, which promotes the healing process and improves patient comfort.

Mechanical barrier

As a mechanical barrier, these gauze pads help prevent friction and chafing, which is especially important in patients with mobility problems. They reduce the risk of skin damage due to friction.

Absorption of body fluids

Whether it concerns blood, wound fluid or other bodily fluids, Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses are known for their excellent absorption capacity. They retain body fluids and prevent leakage, contributing to a clean and hygienic environment.

In short, Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses are a versatile and reliable product for various medical applications. With their 4-layer structure, freedom from binders and optical brighteners, air permeability and ease of use, they are a valuable addition to any medical pantry. Whether you use them as a primary dressing, for wound cleaning, as a carrier material or as a secondary dressing, these gauze compresses offer the quality you need for effective wound care and skin protection. Order Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses today and experience the benefits of this high-quality product for yourself. Your patients will thank you for the care and comfort these compresses provide.

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  • Contents: 100 pieces
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 cm
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  • Material: Non Woven
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