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Compeed Blister Plaster small 6 Pieces

Compeed Blister Plaster small 6 Pieces

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The Compeed Blister Plaster small 6 pieces are blister plasters from the Compeed brand. The patches have Hydrocolloid technology that accelerates recovery. The pack contains 6 patches. The plaster reduces the pain and pressure of the blister.


Compeed blister plaster heel small 6 pieces are blister plasters for smaller blisters on the heel or on the outside of the foot of the brand Compeed. The patches contain Hydrocolloid technology. This is an active gel that absorbs moisture and distributes the pressure of the plaster. The edges of the patches are chamfered to fit the skin. As a result, there is less friction so that the recovery is not delayed. The plasters have a waterproof and breathable design that allows for faster and natural healing as it keeps the natural moisture in and repels what shouldn't. The patches relieve the pain and pressure and last for several days.

How to use
To use the Compeed blister plaster, you must first clean and dry the skin. After that, you need to apply the plaster and smooth it out. If the blisters have already been punctured, the patch will discolor a bit. This indicates that the excess moisture has been absorbed. You must leave the patch on until it comes off, otherwise you will disrupt the healing process. When the patch is ready for removal, you should slowly stretch along the skin instead of pulling it up. In case of diabetes, you should consult your doctor.
  • Hydrocolloid Technology
  • prevent friction
  • relieve pain and pressure
  • Stay for a few days
  • Content: 6 pieces
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