Menthol Powder 0.4% 75gr

Menthol Powder 0.4% 75gr

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Verkoelende en verzorgende talkpoeder. Bevat natuurlijke menthol dat zorgt voor een jeuks.........


Buy Mentho Menthol powder? Relief and refreshment with Menthol powder

Looking for relief and refreshment for your skin? Mentho Menthol powder is the perfect choice. With this special powder you can enjoy the cooling and soothing effect of menthol. At Mentho, we understand that sometimes your skin needs a little extra care, which is why we developed this powder to give you relief.

Why Use Mentho Menthol Powder?

Mentho Menthol powder offers several benefits for your skin care. Here are some reasons why you should choose Mentho Menthol Powder:

  • Cooling effect: The menthol powder provides a pleasant cooling effect on the skin, which can be especially relieving in hot weather, itching or irritation.
  • Soothing properties: The powder helps soothe red and irritated skin, reducing discomfort.
  • Fragrant freshness: Mentho Menthol powder has a pleasant fragrance that provides a refreshing sensation, making you feel fresh all day long.
  • Absorbent effect: The powder has an absorbent effect, which allows it to absorb excess moisture and keep the skin dry and comfortable.

With Mentho Menthol powder you can take care of your skin in a refreshing and soothing way. It is an essential product for anyone looking for relief and refreshment.

When to use Mentho Menthol Powder?

Mentho Menthol powder can be used at different times to take full advantage of the benefits. Here are some situations where you can use Mentho Menthol Powder:

  • In hot weather: Apply Mentho Menthol Powder to your skin during hot days to experience cooling and reduce perspiration.
  • For itching and irritation: The powder can provide relief for itchy or irritated skin, such as insect bites or rashes.
  • After exercise: Use Mentho Menthol Powder after exercise to refresh your skin and reduce unpleasant odours.
  • As a deodorant: The powder can also be used as a natural deodorant, to neutralize perspiration odor and maintain freshness.

With Mentho Menthol Powder you can provide your skin with relief and refreshment at any time. Order Mentho Menthol powder now and enjoy the cooling and soothing effect.

Talc, menthol (0.4%).

By lightly squeezing the can, the powder is easily applied to the skin. Distribute by hand or with a cotton ball if necessary.
Suitable for children from 3 years.

Do not apply near the nose, mouth, eyes or on open wounds.

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