Betadine Disinfection plasters 1 mx 6 cm

Betadine Disinfection plasters 1 mx 6 cm

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Buy Betadine patches? High-quality disinfection and protection in one!

Are you thinking about buying Betadine Plasters? A smart choice! These disinfection plasters not only provide protection for wounds, but also provide effective disinfection to prevent infections. With a size of 1 mx 6 cm they are ideal for different situations. For cleaning, treating or preventing infections from superficial burns, cuts or abrasions.

Why and when do you choose Betadine patches?

Betadine is a renowned brand in the field of wound care and offers several benefits:

  • Double action : Betadine Plasters not only provide a physical barrier against dirt and bacteria, but also contain the powerful disinfectant povidone iodine. This helps prevent infections and promotes a quick recovery.

  • Versatile use : Betadine Plasters are suitable for minor wounds, cuts, abrasions and other superficial injuries.

  • Durability : Thanks to the firm adhesion, Betadine Plasters stay in place, even with movement.

How do you use Betadine patches?

Using Betadine Patches is easy:

  1. Clean the wound thoroughly with water
  2. Gently pat the wound dry with a gauze pad
  3. Apply Betadine Plaster to the wound, ensuring that the wound is completely covered.
  4. Press the patch firmly to ensure it stays in place.

Change the patch regularly, at least once a day or according to the instructions in the manual.

Use Clean wound and pat skin dry for good adhesion. Renew the patch at least once a day or more often if necessary. NB! Not to be used in newborns and premature babies, an excessive thyroid function or an iodine hypersensitivity.

Order your Betadine plasters now

Give your wounds the best care with Betadine Plasters. Whether it's a minor cut or abrasion, these plasters provide reliable protection and disinfection. Choose a brand that stands for quality and effectiveness. Order now and make sure you always have the right wound care at hand!

Specifications Betadine disinfecting plasters 1 mx 6 cm

  • Brand: Betadine
  • Patch size: 1 meter x 6 cm
  • Composition: One milliliter of Betadine patch contains 100 mg povidone iodine. - The other ingredients (excipients) are disodium phosphate (E339), lauromacrogols (polyoxyethylene lauryl alcohol ether), glycerol (E422), sodium hydroxide (E524), citric acid (E330), potassium iodate and purified water.
  • ZI number: 15563014

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