Hansaplast Blister Plaster Large 5 pieces

Hansaplast Blister plaster Large 5 pieces

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The Hansaplast Blister Plaster Large 5 pieces are blister plasters from the Hansaplast brand. The patches are water and sweat resistant and stay attached to your skin for 48 hours. The hydrocolloid technology ensures faster healing.


Buy Hansaplast Blister Plaster - Maximum Protection with XL plasters

Looking for an effective solution for blisters? Then consider purchasing the large Hansaplast blister plasters. Read on to discover why these plasters are your best choice for pain relief and blister protection, and why Hansaplast is synonymous with quality. The Hansaplast Blister Plaster Large 5 pieces are blister plasters from the Hansaplast brand. The patches have Hydrocoloid technology. This is a gel cushion that absorbs the moisture from the blister and provides a gel-like protective layer. This prevents friction and ensures faster healing of your blister. The plaster also protects against dirt and bacteria. The blister is also protected against pressure. The plasters are water and sweat resistant and stay in place for up to 48 hours. Showering and exercising with plasters is therefore also possible. The Hansaplast Blister Plaster is especially suitable for the heel and ball of the foot, but can also be used on other areas of the foot.

Advantages of a Large Hansaplast blister plaster

The large Hansaplast blister plasters offer a range of benefits that take your comfort and protection to the next level:

  1. Extensive Coverage: Their larger size allows the patches to cover more surface area, making them suitable for larger blisters or several smaller blisters in one area.

  2. Rapid Pain Relief: The Hansaplast blister plasters provide immediate blister relief, even for open blisters, thanks to their soft and protective material.

  3. Optimal Protection: The plasters act as an extra layer of skin, shielding the blister from friction and irritation.

Why Hansaplast?

Hansaplast is a trusted brand known for its high quality wound care and protection products. The Hansaplast blister plasters are designed with attention to detail and technology, providing reliable and comfortable pain relief.

Order your Hansaplast blister plasters now

Don't let blisters disrupt your day. Choose the large Hansaplast blister plasters and enjoy immediate relief and protection against chafing and irritation. With Hansaplast you opt for trusted quality and care. Order your Hansaplast blister plasters today and step into your shoes comfortably and confidently. Go for reliable blister protection, go for Hansaplast.

How is a blister plaster used?

To apply the Hansaplast Blister Plaster, you must clean and dry the skin. Then you need to press the patch firmly and smooth it out. You only need to change the patch if it comes off on its own. If the blister is open, you must first disinfect it, otherwise you can apply the plaster directly to the blister. If you have diabetes you should consult a doctor.

Advantages of Hansaplast XL blister plaster

  • Hydrocolloid technology
  • Stays on for up to 48 hours
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Protects against dirt and bacteria

Specifications Hansaplast XL blister plaster

  • Brand: Hansaplast
  • Contents: 5 pieces
  • Patch size: 5 cm x 5 cm
  • Article number Hansaplast: 48676

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