Compeed Blister plasters Mix pack

Compeed Blister plasters Mix pack

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The Compeed Blister Plasters Mixpack has 3 sizes of blister plasters: 2 Medium plasters, 2 Small plasters and 1 plaster for the toes. The patches relieve the pain and pressure immediately. The hydrocolloid technology distributes the pressure of the blister to immediately relieve pain.


Buy Compeed Blister Plasters - Ultimate Comfort and Protection with the Mixpack of Different Blister Plasters

Whether you're hiking, exercising or simply on the go, blisters can spoil your fun. With the handy mix pack of Compeed blister plasters you can keep moving carefree. Read on to discover why Compeed is the ultimate solution for blisters and how the mixpack protects you optimally.

Benefits of Compeed Blister Plasters

Compeed blister plasters offer a range of benefits that promote your comfort and protection:

  1. Immediate Relief: Compeed blister plasters ease pain and provide immediate blister relief, even for open blisters.

  2. Optimal Protection: These plasters act like a second skin, creating a protective layer between the blister and your footwear. This prevents friction and further irritation.

  3. Faster Healing: Compeed blister plasters promote moist blister healing, speeding up the healing process.

  • 3 sizes in one pack: 2x medium, 2x narrow, 1x on the toes
  • Ideal for traveling and on the go
  • Immediate relief from pain and pressure
  • Fast recovery and protection against friction
  • Stays on for several days and thus supports rapid skin regeneration
  • Hydrocolloid technology

Why Compeed?

Compeed is a trusted brand when it comes to blister plasters. Compeed patches are clinically proven to accelerate healing, relieve pain and provide optimal protection. The mix pack with different blister plasters allows you to specifically choose the plaster that best suits the size and location of your blister.

Order your Compeed blister plasters now

Don't let blisters interfere with your activities. Choose comfort, protection and fast healing with the mix pack of Compeed blister plasters. These versatile patches allow you to move freely without worrying about pain and discomfort. Order your Compeed blister plasters today and continue to enjoy every step of the way. Go for reliable blister protection, go for Compeed.

Compeed blister plasters mix pack is a mix pack from the Compeed brand. The mixpack contains 3 sizes: 2 Medium patches, 2 Small patches and 1 patch for the toes. The patches contain Hydrocolloid technology. This is an active gel that absorbs moisture and distributes the pressure of the patch. The edges of the patches are bevelled to fit the skin. As a result, there is less friction so that recovery is not delayed.

How do I use a Compeed blister plaster?

To use the Compeed blister plaster, you must first clean and dry the skin. After that, you need to apply and smooth the plaster. If the blisters have already been popped, the plaster will discolour slightly. This indicates that the excess moisture has been absorbed. You must leave the patch on until it comes off, otherwise you will interfere with the healing process. When the patch is ready for removal, slowly stretch along the skin, rather than pulling upwards. If you have diabetes, you should consult your doctor.

Specifications Compeed blister plasters mix pack

  • Brand: Compeed
  • Contents: 6 pieces
  • 100% plastic free packaging box
  • ZI number: 17186404
  • Compeed part number: 31199
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