Cederroth Triangular Cloth (2 Pieces)

Cederroth Triangular Cloth (2 Pieces)

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Buy Cederroth Triangular Wrap - Comfortable Support with Style

Are you looking for a practical and comfortable solution for supporting injured arms? Then consider purchasing the Cederroth Triangular Cloth. The Cederroth sling is packed per 2 triangular wraps with 6 safety pins to hold the triangular wrap in place.

When is a sling needed?

A sling, also known as a triangular wrap, is useful in a variety of situations, including:

  1. Injured Arm: In the event of an injury, sprain or fracture to the arm, a sling provides comfortable support and immobilization.

  2. Sprains and Strains: If you have a sprained or strained arm, wearing a sling can help reduce strain and recover faster.

  3. After Medical Procedures: After medical procedures on the arm, a sling can help promote healing and prevent further damage.

Why Cederroth?

  1. High Quality Design: The Cederroth Triangular Wrap is manufactured with attention to quality and comfort, ensuring safe and comfortable support.

  2. Adjustable Fit: The triangular wrap is designed to easily adjust to your arm, giving you a perfect fit and optimum support.

  3. Cederroth Reliability: Cederroth is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in first aid products, giving you confidence in their products.

Order your Cederroth triangular cloth now

Give your arm the comfortable support it deserves with the Cederroth Triangular Wrap. Whether it's an injury, sprain or recovery after surgery, this triangular wrap offers the right balance between support and comfort. Order today and rely on Cederroth's expertise and quality. Go for convenience, go for comfort, choose the Cederroth Triangle Cloth.

Cederroth Mitella is tied around the neck for support of an injured arm. Can also be wrapped around the head to hold a compress in place for head injuries. The sling can also be rolled up to use as a pressure bandage.

What does a Cederroth 1889 triangular cloth contain?
  • 2 x sling
  • 6 x safety pin

Clear color illustrations and instructions are printed directly on the packaging.

Specification Cederroth 1889 triangular cloth

  • Brand: Cederroth
  • Cederroth article number: 1889
  • Contents: 1 piece
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