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Buy Cederroth Protection Package - Safety in One Package

Are you thinking about the safety of your team and guests? The Cederroth Protection Pack is the perfect addition to your safety equipment. Find out why this pack can be an essential part of your first aid kit, when you need a protection pack and why you can rely on Cederroth for your safety needs.

When do you need a Protection Package?

A protection package is invaluable in various situations, such as:

    1. CPR and AED Use: When performing CPR or using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), it is essential to protect yourself and others from potential infections.

    2. Medical Emergencies: When providing first aid in medical emergencies, where direct contact with bodily fluids is possible, the protection pack offers an extra layer of safety.

    3. Hygienic Preparation: The protection pack is ideal for hygienically preparing for medical procedures and reducing the risk of contamination.

What does the Cederroth Protection Pack contain?

    1. Respiratory mask: A respirator mask provides safe and hygienic mouth-to-mouth respiration, without direct contact with the victim's mouth.

    2. Gloves: The enclosed gloves protect your hands from possible contamination while providing first aid.

    3. Cleaning wipes: The cleaning wipes help to clean and disinfect surfaces and materials.

Why Cederroth?

  1. Specialist in Safety: Cederroth is a renowned name in first aid and safety products, with a long history of reliable and high quality products.

  2. Complete Safety Solution: The Cederroth Protection Pack offers a complete and convenient solution for personal protection in emergency situations.

  3. Confidence in Quality: When you choose Cederroth, you choose quality and peace of mind, knowing that you are providing the best protection for your team and guests.

Order your Cederroth Protection Pack Now

Ensure security and peace of mind with the Cederroth Protection Pack. Whether for CPR, AED use or medical emergencies, this package will provide you with the protection you need. Order today and choose the expertise and quality of Cederroth. Go for safety, go for care, choose the Cederroth Protection Package.

Cederroth Protection Pack is an aid to correctly administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while reducing the risk of contact between the rescuer and the injured person. Cederroth's breathing mask is equipped with a non-return valve. There are clear instructions in color on the protective cloth.

Contents Protection package Cederroth 2596

  • 1 x Respiratory Mask with Non-Return Valve
  • 4 x Gloves
  • 2 x Cederroth Safety Hand Cleanser (contains 70% alcohol)

Specification Cederroth 1596 protection package

  • Brand: Cederroth
  • Cederroth article number: 1596
  • Contents: 1 piece
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