Cederroth Oogdouche Station met pleisterdispenser

Cederroth Eyewash Station with plaster dispenser

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Buy Cederroth 721500 eye wash station - Complete and Efficient for Safety

Cederroth eye wash - proven more effective than physiological saline solution against splashes of alkalis and acids.

Cederroth eye wash station is designed to provide quick relief. The station has space for 2 bottles that open automatically when they are turned out of the holder. The bottles are designed in such a way that the eye is rinsed with a rich stream for approx. 1.5 minutes. 4.5 year shelf life.

Cederroth eyewash works to neutralize the pH value of the eye, ie it has a neutralizing effect on splashes of alkalis and acids, which gives a faster result than normal physiological saline. The effect is generally stronger on alkalis than acids.

With the Salvequick plaster dispenser, the plasters are always available and ready to use. You pull the patches down from the dispenser to avoid getting any other patches dirty or getting blood on them. The plaster refills are stuck in the machine to ensure that they do not disappear. The extra space for other products allows you to adapt the contents of your station to the specific needs of your workplace.

What does a Cederroth eyewash station 721500 contain?

  • 1 x Salvequick plaster dispenser incl. 45 plastic plasters (REF 6036)
    and 40 textile plasters (REF 6444)
  • 2 x Cederroth 725200 Eye wash a 500 ml
  • 1 x Eye wash instruction
  • 1 x Refill key for. plaster dispenser

Specifications Cederroth eyewash station 721500

  • Brand: Cederroth
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 29 x 56 x 12 cm
  • Cederroth part number: 721500

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