Lastodur Strong compression bandage 7 mx 6 cm
Lastodur Strong compression bandage 7 mx 6 cm
Lastodur Strong compression bandage 7...
Lastodur Strong compression bandage 7...

Lastodur Strong compression bandage 7 mx 6 cm

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Are you looking for a reliable compression bandage that meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness? Then the Lastodur Strong bandage is the right choice for you. Our specialist will take you through the many benefits and applications of this durable elastic long stretch bandage. Whether you're dealing with venous insufficiency, textile elastic bandages, musculoskeletal injuries, or simply need a high-performance sports bandage, Lastodur Strong has you covered.

Why choose Lastodur Strong compression bandage?

Strong compression for effective care

One of the main reasons to choose Lastodur Strong bandage is the unparalleled compression it provides. This bandage is specially designed to apply strong pressure, which is essential in the treatment of venous insufficiency. The compression helps improve blood circulation in the legs, reducing swelling and pain. If you are looking for an effective solution for lower leg bandaging, Lastodur Strong is the right choice.

Prophylaxis and follow-up treatment for venous insufficiency

Venous insufficiency is a common condition in which the veins in the legs do not function properly, leading to a build-up of blood and fluid. Lastodur Strong bandage can be used for both prophylaxis (prevention) and post-treatment of venous insufficiency. It provides the necessary compression to relieve symptoms and prevent further complications.

Pressure increase in bandages made of textile elastic bandages

Lastodur Strong is also ideal for situations where you need extra pressure with bandages made of textile elastic bandages. It can help hold the bandage more securely in place and maintain the desired pressure for effective treatment.

Support for damage to the musculoskeletal system

For musculoskeletal injuries, good support is essential for a quick recovery. Lastodur Strong can serve as a supportive compression bandage, stabilizing damaged areas and reducing pain. It is a reliable choice for athletes and people who are active and need extra support.

Durable and elastic

Lastodur Strong bandage is known for its durability and elasticity. The long stretch bandage retains its shape and elasticity even after repeated use. This ensures consistent pressure and effective treatment. In addition, the bandage is easy to dose, so you can adjust the pressure as needed.

Comfortable and skin-friendly

Patient comfort is a priority when using compression bandages, and Lastodur Strong does not disappoint. The material is breathable and skin-friendly, which ensures a pleasant experience for the wearer. It prevents excessive sweating and skin irritation, making the bandage suitable for long-term wear.

Easy to maintain

Lastodur Strong bandage is easy to maintain, making it ideal for reuse. It is washable at 60°C, which ensures hygienic cleaning. Additionally, the bandage is sterilizable in an autoclave at 134°C, providing additional peace of mind when it comes to infection prevention.

Available in two bandage versions

Lastodur Strong bandage is available in two versions to meet different needs. The "strong" variant offers the highest degree of compression for situations where strong pressure is needed. On the other hand, the "soft" variant is suitable for lighter compression needs. This versatility makes Lastodur Strong suitable for a wide range of applications.

Use of Lastodur Strong compression bandage

Using Lastodur Strong compression bandage requires some knowledge and care to achieve the best results. Here are some guidelines for effective use:

  1. Make sure the affected area is clean and dry before you start bandaging. This helps prevent skin irritation and infections.

  2. Measure the required length of the bandage and cut it.

  3. Start applying the bandage from the lowest point of the affected area and gradually work your way up. Make sure you apply even pressure while bandaging.

  4. Apply the bandage securely, but not too tightly. It is important not to hinder blood circulation.

  5. Lastodur Strong bandage should be removed when the patient is at rest. This promotes comfort and effectiveness of the treatment.

  6. Follow your healthcare provider or medical professional's recommendations for proper use and duration of wearing the bandage.

Lastodur Strong bandage is the ultimate choice for those looking for a compression bandage with strong compression and durability. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, from venous insufficiency to sports injuries and everything in between. With its comfortable, skin-friendly properties and easy maintenance, it is the ideal choice for both patients and caregivers. Choose Lastodur Strong and experience the benefits of high-quality compression care. Order your Lastodur Strong bandage today and take the first step towards better health and well-being.

Product specifications Lastodur Strong 9316639 compression bandage

  • Hartmann article number: 9316639
  • Contents: 1 roll
  • Dimensions: 7 m x 6 cm
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