First Aid Kit Bicycle
First Aid Kit Bicycle
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First Aid Kit Bicycle
First Aid Kit Bicycle

First Aid Kit Bicycle

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Handy First Aid Kit for the bicycle. Easy to attach first aid kit for the front or back of the bicycle.


First Aid Kit Buying a Bicycle - Safe cycling with the 21-piece First Aid Kit

Are you an enthusiastic cyclist who explores the roads on two wheels? Then consider purchasing the 21-piece first aid kit for the bicycle. With the Holthaus set for the bicycle, the cyclist goes on a cycling holiday.

Advantages of the first aid kit for the bicycle

The bicycle first aid kit offers numerous benefits that make your cycling experience safer and more carefree:

  1. Specifically for Cyclists: This kit is designed with the needs of cyclists in mind. From minor abrasions to injuries from falls, the set includes items relevant to cycling-related incidents.

  2. Compact and Portable: The compact and lightweight first aid kit fits easily in your pannier or backpack. It takes up minimal space and is always within reach during your cycling trips.

  3. Quick First Aid: With the bicycle first aid kit you can quickly and effectively provide first aid to yourself or other cyclists in case of minor accidents or injuries.

Cycling can be both fun and challenging, and sometimes accidents are inevitable. A bike-specific first aid kit can be critical to responding quickly to minor injuries, abrasions and other incidents that can occur during a bike ride.

  • Easy to confirm
  • Extensive 21-piece Set
  • Handy zipper and flap for easy access everywhere.
  • Can be used for bicycle, scooter and motorcycle.

Order your bicycle first aid kit now

Opt for your safety and peace of mind during your cycling adventures with the bicycle first aid kit. With 21 parts you are always prepared for possible inconveniences and minor emergencies on the road. Invest in your well-being during cycling holidays, tours and daily journeys. Order your bicycle first aid kit today and enjoy safer and carefree cycling trips. Hit the road with confidence, with the bicycle first aid kit as your trusty companion on the road.

The Holthaus first aid kit for the bicycle ensures that you are well prepared on the road. The Cycling Kit provides the basic needs of first aid equipment to treat the most common cycling accidents or injuries. Contains the most common emergency response aids such as, quick bandage, triangular cloth, rescue blanket and finger bandages.

The set is easy to attach to the frame by means of the Velcro closure.

Specifications Holthaus First aid kit Bicycle

  • Contents: 21-piece set
  • Brand: Holthaus
  • Dimensions 17 x 11 x 2 cm
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