Omnistrip 3mm x 76mm adhesive strips 250 pieces
Omnistrip 3mm x 76mm adhesive strips 250 pieces
Omnistrip 3mm x 76mm adhesive strips 250 pieces
Omnistrip 3mm x 76mm adhesive strips...
Omnistrip 3mm x 76mm adhesive strips...
Omnistrip 3mm x 76mm adhesive strips...

Omnistrip 3mm x 76mm adhesive strips 250 pieces

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Oministrip: The ideal choice for wound care

Why choose the Oministrip adhesive strips from Hartmann?

When it comes to wound care, it is crucial to use high-quality products that ensure fast and effective healing. Hartmann's Oministrip suture strips are an excellent choice for atraumatic closure of small wounds and surgical incisions. Here are some reasons why you should choose the Oministrip adhesive strips:

Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly strips available in different sizes

The Oministrip adhesive strips are made of hypoallergenic non-woven material that is gentle on the skin. The polyacrylate adhesive layer is safe and comfortable, even for people with sensitive skin. This means that the adhesive strips are suitable for a wide range of patients without causing irritation or allergic reactions.

Excellent air permeability

An important feature of the Oministrip adhesive strips is their extremely good air permeability. This provides an optimal healing environment for the wound, as it allows the skin to breathe and regulates moisture. This minimizes the chance of maceration (softening of the skin), which is essential for healthy wound healing.

Painless and residue-free removal of an adhesive strip

The Oministrip adhesive strips are designed to be removed painlessly and without leaving any residue. This minimizes patient discomfort and ensures skin integrity is maintained. It does not leave a sticky residue that can damage the skin.

Safe and effective

Oministrip adhesive strips are radiation indifferent and temperature resistant, making them suitable for use in various medical situations. They provide safe and effective closure of wounds and help reduce tensile stress on the wound edges.

Application options

Oministrip adhesive strips are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • The atraumatic closure of small wounds and surgical incisions.
  • Reducing tensile stress of the wound edges.
  • Stabilizing fresh scars.

In addition, Oministrip adhesive strips are easy to cut and adapt to the shape of the wound, making them flexible and versatile in use. When applying Oministrip adhesive strips, it is important to ensure dry and clean skin. This ensures optimal adhesion and wound healing. The rounded corners of the strips facilitate application and reduce the chance of loosening.

How do I use the Oministrip adhesive strips?

Using Oministrip adhesive strips is simple and requires no special skills. Here is a step-by-step guide to properly applying the adhesive strips:

Necessary materials:

  • Oministrip adhesive strips
  • Scissors/bandage scissors (if necessary)
  • Clean, dry skin


  1. Make sure the wound is clean and free of dirt and visible infections.
  2. If necessary, cut the Oministrip adhesive strips to the desired length using scissors.
  3. Carefully remove the protective film from the adhesive side of the strip.
  4. Place the strip over the wound or incision, making sure it adheres firmly to the skin.
  5. Press the strip lightly to ensure it stays in place.
  6. Repeat with additional strips if necessary to completely close the wound.
  7. Check regularly for signs of infection or irritation around the wound.
  8. Remove the strips painlessly and without leaving residue when the wound has healed sufficiently.

The Oministrip adhesive strips from Hartmann are the ideal choice for wound care. They are hypoallergenic, breathable, painless to remove and suitable for various applications. Whether you need to close a small wound or surgical incision, the Oministrip adhesive strips provide reliable and comfortable support for effective wound healing. Make sure you always have a box of Oministrip adhesive strips on hand for emergencies and daily wound care. Your health and well-being deserve the best care, and that starts with the right wound care products. Choose the Oministrip adhesive strips from Hartmann and ensure yourself of high-quality wound care for you and your loved ones. Are you a medical professional looking for high-quality dressings from Hartmann such as Omnistrips, dermaplast or other types of bandages? We offer a wide range of Hartmann products from stock.

Product specifications Omnistrip 3 mm x 76 mm

  • Contents: 250 pieces (50 x 5 pieces)
  • Hartmann article number: 5406817
  • Strip dimensions: 3 mm x 76 mm
  • Material: non-woven fabric with polyacrylate
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