Adhesive bandage 400 x 6 cm 1PC

Adhesive bandage 400 x 6 cm 1PC

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Adhesive bandage is a support bandage with a self-adhesive layer. Available in different sizes.


A self-adhesive bandage can be used as a fixation bandage by means of the self-adhesive layer. The self-adhesive layer ensures that no other medical devices need to be used, such as a pin, adhesive plaster or other bandage.

Why buy adhesive bandages?

  • Produced from high quality cotton, viscose & polyamide
  • High absorbency
  • Breathable and skin-friendly
  • 100% stretchable
  • Packed per piece in a cellophane (Hygienic use)

What is adhesive bandage used for?

The adhesive bandage is used for bandage fixation on curved and/or moving body parts. The self-adhesive layer ensures easy application around arms, legs, fingers, toes, head, neck and torso. The adhesive bandage is used for red, yellow and black wounds. (Conforms to WDS model)

The bandages are packed individually and are available in sizes. In the world of First Aid & Company Emergency Response, the ideal bandage is also referred to as a cohesive bandage, self-adhesive bandage or self-adhesive bandage. Make sure that the bandage is always present in the first aid kit or first-aid kit and that the contents are complete and checked annually.

Buy adhesive bandage? Discover the benefits!

What is an adhesive bandage?

An adhesive dressing, also known as a cohesive dressing, is a versatile and flexible dressing that adheres itself together without sticking to the skin or hair. It is made of elastic material, usually cotton or non-woven fabric, and contains a special adhesive that holds the bandage in place.

How do I use an adhesive bandage?

Applying an adhesive dressing is simple and does not require additional dressing clips or adhesive plasters. Follow these steps for proper use:

  1. Place the beginning of the bandage on the body part to be bandaged.
  2. Wrap the bandage tightly around the area you want to cover.
  3. As you apply the bandage, it will self-adhere and stay in place without shifting.
  4. Cut the bandage when you have covered the desired area.

Available in different sizes of 6 & 8 cm wide.

The self-adhesive bandage is available in different sizes, including 6 cm and 8 cm wide. This makes it suitable for use on both smaller and larger body parts.

Adhesive bandages are ideal for applying pressure bandages, fixing compresses and supporting joints during injuries. It provides excellent adhesion without sticking to the skin, ensuring a comfortable and painless removal process. This makes the self-adhesive bandage a must-have in any first aid facility at home, at work or on the go.

Order your self-adhesive bandage now in the desired size of 6 cm or 8 cm wide and experience the benefits of an easy to apply, comfortable and reliable bandage!

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