BSN Leukoplast Classic 5m x 6cm

BSN Leukoplast Classic 5m x 6cm

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Want to buy Leukoplast Classic plaster roll? Discover the benefits and applications

Are you looking for a reliable and effective plaster roll? Then consider Leukoplast Classic Plaster, a high-quality plaster roll that is suitable for a wide range of applications. In this product text we discuss why and when you should consider Leukoplast Classic Plaster and what benefits it offers for you and your family.

Why and when Leukoplast Classic plaster?

Leukoplast Classic Plaster is an essential product to have in your first aid kit for the following reasons:

1. Strong adhesion

One of the most important features of Leukoplast Classic Plaster is its strong adhesion. The patch stays firmly in place even on moving body parts, making it ideal for covering wounds and cuts.

2. Water-repellent

Leukoplast Classic Plaster is water-repellent, which means that it retains its adhesion even when it comes into contact with water. This makes it suitable for use in the shower or while swimming.

3. Breathable

Despite its strong adhesion, Leukoplast Classic Plaster is breathable. This means that it allows the skin to breathe and prevents the skin under the patch from becoming suffocated. This allows the wound to heal faster.

Advantages of Leukoplast Classic plaster

Here are the most important advantages of Leukoplast Classic Plaster in an overview:

  • Strong adhesion
  • Water repellent
  • Breathable
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Reliable and durable

When to use Leukoplast Classic plaster 5 mx 6 cm?

Consider using Leukoplast Classic Plaster in the following situations:

  • Wounds and cuts: Leukoplast Classic Plaster is ideal for covering small wounds and cuts to protect them from dirt and bacteria.

  • Abrasions: It can also be used to cover abrasions and prevent them from becoming infected.

  • Blisters: If you suffer from blisters, Leukoplast Classic Plaster can help protect them and prevent further friction.

  • After surgical procedures: After minor surgical procedures, the use of Leukoplast Classic Plaster can help protect the incision site and promote healthy healing.


  • Brand: Leukoplast
  • Patch length: 5 meters
  • Width of patch: 6 cm
  • BSN article number: 79296-01
  • Tip: Disinfect with betadine before applying the patch - Do not use if you have a thyroid disorder!
500 mm x 60 mm
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