Hansaplast Elastic 1m x 6cm

Hansaplast Elastic 1m x 6cm

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Hansaplast Elastic plaster strips - Flexible protection for every moment

When it comes to wound care, you want nothing less than reliability and comfort. Hansaplast Elastic Plaster Strips offer just that - a flexible and comfortable solution for all kinds of wounds. With their elastic design and durable materials, these plaster strips are an indispensable part of the first aid kit. Hansaplast Elastic 1 mx 6 cm packed in a handy package for use at home or on holiday.

The advantages of Hansaplast Elastic plaster strips

Hansaplast Elastic Plaster Strips offer a range of benefits that set them apart from other options on the market. The elastic material ensures a comfortable fit that moves with your skin and movements. Whether it is a finger plaster or a larger plaster strip, you can count on optimal protection without compromising on comfort. Another advantage of Hansaplast Elastic Plaster Strips is their strong adhesive force. This means they stay firmly in place, even with daily activities and movement. The durable bond guarantees that your wound remains protected as it heals.

Why Hansaplast?

Hansaplast has built a solid reputation as a brand that stands for quality and innovation in wound care. With years of experience, Hansaplast has proven to be a trusted choice for both professionals and individuals. The brand is praised for its continued commitment to high-quality materials and advanced technologies. Hansaplast continues to lead the way thanks to continuous product development and research. This means that when you choose Hansaplast, you choose advanced wound care that results in optimal healing and protection, regardless of your activities.

How do I use Hansaplast Elastic plaster strips?

The use of Hansaplast Elastic Plaster Strips is simple and effective. Start by cleaning and drying the wound area. Carefully remove the protective backing from the plaster strip to expose the adhesive side. Place the plaster strip over the wound and press firmly to ensure it adheres well. Hansaplast Elastic Plaster Strips can be worn safely during daily activities and remain firmly in place even with movement. They are suitable for a variety of wounds, whether minor scrapes or larger wounds. Use the Hansaplast wound spray to clean the wound before using the plaster.

Recommendation for use

  • Especially for moving body parts
  • For normal skin
  • Can be cut to size

Buy Hansaplast Elastic plaster strips

Choose the flexible protection of Hansaplast Elastic Plaster Strips and order today. With their elastic design and durable adhesive, they are the ideal companion for your wound care needs. Rely on Hansaplast for comfortable and reliable protection, whatever your lifestyle. With Hansaplast Elastic Plaster Strips you can rest assured that your wounds are properly cared for, anytime, anywhere.

Specification Hansaplast Elastic plaster strips 1 mx 6 cm

  • Strong adhesive force
  • Durable and breathable textile fabric that adapts to movements
  • Non-adherent wound pad, protects and has a shock-absorbing effect
  • Plaster width: 6 cm
  • Plaster length: 1 meter
  • Textile plaster
100 mm x 60 mm
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