Elastic Fixation Bandage / 2 pcs

Elastic Fixation Bandage / 2 pcs

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Elastic bandage is suitable for placing wound dressings and is a standard part of the first aid kit and first aid kit. Available in different sizes.


Elastic bandage, also known as hydrophilic bandage, is suitable for placing wound dressings and securing them with this bandage, even in places that are difficult to bandage, such as joints and other moving parts of the body. The elastic bandage is available in different sizes and per piece.

What are the advantages of Elastic fixation bandage?

  • To be used on moving parts of the body such as fingers and hands
  • Easily secure gauze (wound coverings) with it
  • Produced from thinner material like a bandage
  • Medium stretch of 100%

The Elastic hydrophilic bandage is supplied in a roll of 4 meters long. Available in the size with the width of 4cm, 6cm, 8 cm and 10cm. Elastic fixation bandage consists of 40% viscose and 60% polyamide. Because the material is oil, fat and sweat resistant, it is breathable.

The Elastic Fixation Bandage is mandatory in the first aid kit or first aid kit. Order quickly and easily via our secure webshop. From €75 your order will be shipped free of charge and delivered quickly. Would you like to order on account? As a company and association this is possible. Orders placed before 17:00 will be delivered the next working day.

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