Mueller Eurotape / 2.5 cm x 10 m

Mueller Eurotape 2.5 cm x 10 meters

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Mueller EuroTape is a cotton self-adhesive sports tape from the Mueller brand. The roll is packed per 1 piece and is 2.5 cm by 10 meters. The tape protects the muscles, joints and ligaments during exercise so that they can recover and prevent injuries.


Want to buy Mueller Sports tape? Discover the power of Mueller!

Mueller Eurotape the non-elastic sports tape worldwide. The serrated edge of the sports tape makes it easy to tear and apply to the skin. Use the HeltiQ tape remover if the tape needs to be easily removed from the skin.

Why Mueller Sports Tape?

Mueller Sports Tape is the ultimate choice for athletes looking for reliable support and protection during their sporting adventures. Whether you're an avid runner, a fanatical soccer player or just like to be active, Mueller sports tape is ready to take your sports performance to the next level. Our sports tape is of high quality and offers firm stabilization of joints and support of muscles. It helps prevent injuries and provides much-needed support during intense training and competitions. With Mueller sports tape you can move with confidence, knowing that you have the best protection for your body. In addition, Mueller sports tape is easy to apply and has excellent adhesion. It stays in place even during the most demanding sporting activities. Stop letting injuries be a bummer and rely on the power of Mueller sports tape.

What parts of the body can I use Mueller Sports Tape on?

Mueller sports tape is versatile and can be used on different body parts to provide the desired support. It is ideal for stabilizing the ankles and supporting the feet, allowing you to move with confidence during sports that require a lot of effort from your lower extremities. Our sports tape can also be used effectively for other body parts, such as the knees, wrists, shoulders and elbows. It offers the right support to prevent strain and injuries, while still allowing you to move freely. Mueller Sports Tape is designed with athletic performance in mind, making it an excellent choice for athletes of all levels. Whether you train professionally, play at a sports club or just enjoy your favorite sport in your spare time, Mueller sports tape is here to support you.

Discover the power of Mueller sports tape!

Buying Mueller sports tape is investing in your sporting future. With our high-quality sports tape you are ready to reach new heights in your sports performance. Don't let injuries hinder your sporting adventure and rely on the reliability of Mueller sports tape. With Mueller sports tape you not only get the best protection, but also the confidence to shine on the sports field. Push your sporting boundaries with Mueller sports tape and discover the power of optimal support. Buy Mueller sports tape? Make the right choice for your sporting journey and achieve new successes with the trusted power of Mueller!

Mueller EuroTape is a cotton self-adhesive sports tape. The tape is easy to tear and strong adhesive. Mueller's Eurotape has been specially developed for European taping techniques. Mueller is an American brand that is widely used by athletes. The sports tape is made to protect the muscles, joints and ligaments during sports and prevents injuries.


  • Non-elastic white sports tape
  • Extra strong adhesive
  • Self-adhesive
  • Cotton based
  • Specially developed for European taping techniques
  • Dimensions: Width 2.5 centimeters x Length 10 meters
  • Supplied per 1 piece.
2,5 cm x 10 m
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