Afbakeningslint rood/wit standard 28 micron 500m

Barrier tape red/white standard 28 micron 500m

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The demarcation tape red/white standard 28 micron 500m is a demarcation tape of 500 meters.


Barrier tape Red/White Buy? Practical Demarcation for Various Sectors

You can easily buy red/white barrier tape from us, the solution for effective demarcation in many situations. Why would you choose barrier tape? This smart tool offers a quick and clear way to demarcate areas, direct people and ensure safety. Whether it concerns temporary restrictions, the designation of danger zones or the organization of events, barrier tapes are indispensable for various applications.

Why use barrier tape at a school or workplace?

Barrier tape, also known as marker tape, is a cost-effective way to quickly draw attention to specific areas. The striking red and white ribbon immediately attracts attention and warns of potential dangers or restrictions. Whether you manage a construction site, organize an event or need to direct traffic flows, barrier tape offers a flexible and direct solution to clearly delineate the desired areas.

In which sectors is barrier tape used?

Barrier tapes are widely used in various sectors. In the construction industry, they provide a safe environment for employees and bystanders, while in the events industry, barrier tape helps organize visitor flows and designate special zones. They are also used in healthcare to indicate temporary restrictions. You can also see barrier tapes at traffic controls, parking lots and emergencies, where they immediately attract attention and inform people of important information.

Order your red/white barrier tape today

Opt for effective demarcation and clear signage with our high-quality barrier tapes. Whether you manage a construction project, organize an event or simply ensure safe traffic flows, our red and white barrier tape offers the solution. Order today and ensure fast delivery and reliable demarcation for your purposes.

Specifications barrier tape red & white 28 micron 500 m

  • Ribbon color: Red/White
  • Ribbon length: 500 meters
  • Thickness: 28 microns
500 m
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