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Heine K180 Opthalmoscope XHL incl. Battery Handle

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Buy Heine K180 C-182.10.118 ophthalmoscope

Are you looking for an ophthalmoscope that combines reliability, durability, and clarity with an excellent price-quality ratio? The Heine K180 C-182.10.118 ophthalmoscope is your ideal choice. This rugged ophthalmoscope is equipped with advanced XHL xenon halogen illumination and low-reflection optics, providing a bright, white light that is essential for a clear view of the fundus. Whether you work in a busy practice or on location, the Heine K180 offers the flexibility, functionality, and reliability you need for an accurate diagnosis.

Why order the Heine K180 C-182.10.118 ophthalmoscope?

Reliable diagnosis

  • Minimal reflection : Thanks to precision spherical optics that block ambient light and provide a precise fit in the eye socket.
  • Excellent Refraction Compensation : With 27 single-step design on the non-continuous lens wheel, ranging from -35 to +40 D.
  • Various openings : Offers 5 different openings in 2 variants, suitable for a wide range of diagnostic needs.

Excellent lighting

  • Suitable for all pupils : Can be used for both dilated and non-dilated pupils.
  • XHL xenon halogen lighting : Provides bright, white light for optimal visualization of the fundus.

High durability

  • Dustproof, sturdy housing : Made of polycarbonate for extra protection and durability.
  • 5 year warranty : Underlines the reliability and quality of Heine instruments.

Flexible power source options

  • Rechargeable battery : With USB or table charger for easy and fast charging options.
  • Replaceable Batteries : Provides the flexibility to quickly switch power sources when needed.

Why Heine?

Choosing Heine means choosing a brand that is recognized worldwide for its innovation, quality and reliability in medical instrumentation. Heine offers a wide range of diagnostic instruments designed to support the efficiency and accuracy of medical professionals. With the Heine K180 C-182.10.118 ophthalmoscope you invest in an instrument designed for years of reliable use, backed by the expertise and dedication of a leading manufacturer in medical technology.

Improve your diagnostic capabilities and patient care with the Heine K180 C-182.10.118 ophthalmoscope. This instrument is not only a testament to Heine's commitment to quality, but also provides the functionality and durability essential to modern medical practices.

What parts does the Heine K180 C-182.10.118 ophthalmoscope contain?

  1. K180 Ophthalmoscope incl. handle
  2. Soft case
  3. Charger
  4. Manual

Product specifications Heine K180 C-182.10.118 ophthalmoscope

  • Heine article number: C-182.10.118
  • Color: Silver & black
  • Type: Ophthalmoscope
  • Lighting: Xenon Halogen
  • Warranty: 5 years
Type of lighting
Type of Battery
C-Cell Battery
Type of Ophthalmoscope
5 Years
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Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.

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