Fire blanket 100x100 cm

Fire blanket 100x100 cm

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The MHCI fire blanket is a blanket. The fire blankets are easy to use to extinguish a fire at an early stage. The blankets are not suitable for an oil and fat fire or a flame in the pan fire. Follow the instructions on the package.


Buy fire blanket? Choose the right fire blanket for every fire

Are you thinking about buying a fire blanket? A fire blanket is an essential fire safety device that can be deployed quickly in the event of a small fire to extinguish the fire and prevent further spread. It is important to choose the right fire blanket that fits the type of fire you may want to extinguish. In addition, there are also some legal considerations regarding having a fire blanket in the kitchen.

Which fire blanket do I need for which fire?

Fire blankets are designed to fight different types of fires. It is important to choose a fire blanket that is suitable for the type of fire you may want to extinguish. In general, fire blankets can be used to extinguish small fires, such as burning clothing, burning waste bins or flame-in-the-pan fires. A special grease fire extinguishing blanket is suitable for fat or oil fires, such as a flame-in-the-pan fire. These fire blankets are made of a special material that withstands high temperatures and extinguishes flames by shutting off the oxygen. For other fires, such as burning clothing or small electrical fires, you can use a standard fire blanket.

Why a fire blanket?

A fire blanket is a simple and effective means of extinguishing small fires. It provides instant protection and can be used quickly without any specific training required. A fire blanket can help extinguish a starting fire before it spreads and gets bigger. It is a safe and reliable option for the home, office, kitchen, garage and other areas where there is a risk of fire.

Am I required to have a fire blanket in the kitchen?

In the Netherlands there is no legal obligation to have a fire blanket in the kitchen. However, from a fire safety point of view, it is highly recommended to have a fire blanket in the kitchen. The kitchen is a high-risk area where fire can occur due to, for example, a flame in the pan, burning oil or burning clothing. A fire blanket can be used quickly to extinguish such fires and prevent damage. It is therefore wise to hang a fire blanket in the kitchen in a clearly visible and easily accessible place.

If you are considering buying a fire blanket, make sure you choose the right fire blanket for the type of fire you may want to extinguish. A fire blanket is a handy and effective fire safety device that protects you and your environment. Also consider hanging a fire blanket in your kitchen for extra fire safety. It is better to be well prepared and to be able to act quickly in case of an emergency.

The Fire Blanket 100x100 cm is a fire blanket that you can use at the start of fires. The fire blanket is easy to use. The fire blanket is simple to use. Also on the cover of the blanket are instructions including pictograms. The fire blanket is made of woven fiberglass. The woven fiberglass is a material that is difficult to burn, so you have time to stop the fire. The fire blankets are available in different sizes. It is not recommended to use a fire blanket in case of a flame in the pan or an oil and fat fire.


  • Dimensions: Width 100cm x Length 100cm
  • Material: Woven fiberglass
  • Not suitable for oil and grease fires
100 x 100 cm
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