Salvequick navulling Vingertop pleister 15 stuks

Salvequick refill Fingertip plaster 15 pieces

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Vingertop pleister textiel.........


Buy Salvequick fingertip? Treat fingertip wounds with ease!

Why Salvequick textile fingertip plasters?

When it comes to fingertip wounds, proper care is essential for a speedy recovery. Salvequick textile fingertip plasters are specially designed to provide optimal protection and comfort for wounds on the fingertips. But why would you choose Salvequick fingertip plasters? Salvequick textile fingertip plasters are made of high-quality material that molds to the contours of the finger, ensuring that they stay in place even in areas of movement. The patches are breathable and flexible, making them ideal for use on the fingertips. In addition, they are hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, which prevents irritation and promotes the healing process. With Salvequick fingertip plasters you are assured of reliable protection of fingertip wounds, whether it concerns minor cuts, scrapes or other superficial injuries.

Do Salvequick plasters stick well?

Absolute! Salvequick plasters are known for their excellent adhesive strength. The patches stay firmly in place, even on areas that move a lot, such as the fingertips. This means you don't have to worry about the patches coming off during the day. With Salvequick plasters you can confidently go about your daily activities, knowing that your wounds are well protected.

Order Salvequick 6454: The ideal choice for fingertip wounds

Salvequick 6454 fingertip plasters are an excellent choice for a wide variety of fingertip wounds. These patches are individually wrapped and hygienically sealed to ensure they are clean and ready to use when you need them. In addition, they are compatible with the Salvequick plaster dispenser, so you can easily refill them and always have them within reach. Whether you are looking for a fingertip plaster for use at home, at work or on the go, Salvequick 6454 offers the perfect solution. In short, Salvequick fingertip plasters are the ideal choice for effective and comfortable care of fingertip wounds. With their excellent adhesive strength and comfortable textile material, they provide optimal protection and faster recovery. Buy Salvequick fingertip? Order now and treat fingertip wounds with ease and comfort!

Types of Salvequick plasters

  • Article number 710.6444: 40x Textile plasters = 72 x 19 mm and 72 x 25 mm
  • Article number 710.6036: 45x Plastic plasters = 72 x 19 mm and 72 x 25 mm
  • Article number 710.6496: 30x Textile plasters = 120 x 20 mm (Long finger plasters)
  • Article number 710.6470: 21x Textile plasters = 80 x 30 mm and 80 x 60 mm
  • Article number 710.6454: 14x Textile plasters = 87 x 58 mm (Fingertip plasters)
  • Article number 710.6943: 43x Sensitive Non-Woven plasters = 72 x 19 mm and 72 x 25 mm
  • Article number 710.6754: 30x HACCP Plasters = 63 x 39 mm and 72 x 19 mm (Plasters for the food industry)
  • Article number 710.6735: 35x HACCP Plasters = 72 x 25 mm and 72 x 19 mm (Plasters for the food industry)


  • Contents: Each refill contains 15 plasters (87 x 58 (23) mm).
  • High Quality
  • Tested for allergies
  • Bendable and easy to use
  • Easy to replace in the Salvequick plaster dispenser
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15 Pieces

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