Fire hose Flame Vinyl sticker 20x20cm

Fire hose Flame Vinyl sticker 20x20cm

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The Fire Hose Flame Vinyl sticker 20x20cm is a sticker that tells you where the Fire Hose is.


Buy fire hose icon? Follow the latest safety standards

Why should you consider a fire hose icon? The fire hose pictogram complies with the latest safety standards and provides a clear visual indication of the location of fire hoses. It is vital to comply with the latest standards to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors and to act quickly in the event of a fire.

Why a fire hose icon?

A fire hose pictogram is essential to indicate the presence of fire hoses and help people locate them quickly. Fire hoses are a critical part of firefighting and can help put out small fires before they spread. With a clear and highly visible fire hose pictogram, people can act quickly and get direct access to the fire hoses in emergency situations.

The fire hose logo is internationally recognized and understood, making it instantly recognizable in emergency situations. This minimizes confusion and panic and increases the chance of a successful firefighting.

User-friendly fire hose stickers and signs

Our fire hose decals and signs are designed to stand out and be easy to understand. They are available in different sizes and materials, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The signs are durable and resistant to weathering, so they last a long time and retain their brightness.

Place our fire hose stickers on walls, doors, stairwells or other highly visible locations to indicate the presence of fire hoses. This ensures that employees and visitors are always aware of the location of fire hoses and can act quickly in emergency situations.

Fire hoses for offices and companies

Fire hoses are of great importance in offices and companies, where fire hazards can always be present. Make sure your fire hoses are properly maintained and inspected annually. In addition, it is essential to train your personnel in the correct use of fire hoses and other fire fighting equipment.

Invest in fire safety

Fire safety is of paramount importance to your business and anyone entering your premises. By investing in high-quality fire hose pictograms, you comply with the latest safety standards and contribute to a safer working environment for everyone.

Order our fire hose pictograms today and ensure optimal fire safety in your office or company.


  • Colors: red and white
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Self adhesive
  • Dimensions: Width = 20cm x Length 20cm
20 x 20 cm
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