Tegaderm transparent film 15 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 15 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 15 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 15 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 15 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 15 cm x 10 m

Tegaderm transparent film 15 cm x 10 m

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Want to buy Tegaderm Film?

Are you looking for a reliable wound care solution that is both practical and effective? The 3M Tegaderm 16006 Film offers everything you need. This non-sterile, transparent film bandage on a roll is an essential part of your medical supplies. We will take you with us and see whether Tegaderm is the right choice for your wound treatment.

Why choose 3M Tegaderm 16006 Film?

The 3M Tegaderm 16006 Film is not just a bandage; it is an advanced solution for fixing medical devices and protecting primary dressings. With its width of 15 cm and a length of 10 meters, this Tegaderm roll is suitable for various applications. But what makes it really special? Let's take a closer look at the benefits.

Benefits of Tegaderm film

  1. Bacterial and viral barrier : One of the biggest concerns with any wound care is the potential for infections. The Tegaderm patch forms a strong barrier against bacteria and viruses, significantly reducing the risk of infections.

  2. Durable and Water Resistant : The Tegaderm is designed to last. It is water resistant, which means you can bathe or shower with it without worrying about the bandage coming off.

  3. Comfort and flexibility : Comfort is essential, especially if you have to wear the bandage for long periods of time. The Tegaderm film is flexible and adapts to your body, keeping you comfortable regardless of your activities.

  4. Easy application : The Tegaderm roll is easy to use. It can easily be cut to fit your specific needs, making it a versatile option for different types of wounds or medical applications.

  5. High quality : When it comes to your health, you don't want to make any compromises. The 3M Tegaderm is known for its high quality standards, which gives confidence in its performance and durability.

Want to order 3M Tegaderm 16006 film?

The Tegaderm 16006 Film is not only a tool for medical professionals, but also for everyday use. Whether you're recovering from a minor surgical procedure, have a chronic wound, or simply need extra protection for damaged skin, Tegaderm provides the care and protection you need.

Investing in good wound care and skin protection is essential, and with the 3M Tegaderm 16006 Film you make a choice you can trust. This Tegaderm patch not only provides protection against bacteria and viruses, but also provides the comfort and flexibility needed for daily use. With the Tegaderm roll you always have a reliable solution at hand for all your wound care needs.

Choose the quality and reliability of 3M Tegaderm today. Your health deserves the best, and with Tegaderm you have exactly that in your hands.

Product specifications Tegaderm 16006 transparent film

  • 3M article number: 16006
  • Article reference 3M: 100221528
  • Contents: 1 roll
  • Transparent film dimensions: Width x length: 15 cm x 10 m
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