Fixomull Transparent 10cm x 10m

Fixomull Transparent 10cm x 10m

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Fixomull Transparent 10cm x 10m Self-adhesive plaster for the entire surface. .........


Buy Fixomull Transparent - Reliable bandage fixation

Are you looking for a reliable and transparent dressing fixation solution? Then Fixomull Transparent is the ideal choice for your medical needs. This stretchable and transparent fixation bandage not only offers a firm fixation, but also the possibility to easily check the status of the bandage. Read on to discover why Fixomull Transparent is an indispensable addition to your first aid stock.

The advantages of Fixomull Transparent

Fixomull Transparent offers several advantages that contribute to effective and visible dressing fixation. The transparent design of the patch allows you to inspect the wound and dressing underneath without having to remove the patch. This saves time and ensures optimal wound treatment. The stretchable property of Fixomull Transparent makes it easy to apply and cut the plaster for different applications. As a result, the patch conforms comfortably to the contours of the body and remains securely in place, even during movement.

How do I use Fixomull Transparent?

Using Fixomull Transparent is simple and convenient. Start by cutting the patch to the desired length using scissors.

  1. Place the patch over the bandage or compress and press firmly to ensure it adheres properly. Ensure that the patch covers all edges of the dressing for firm fixation. The transparent property of Fixomull Transparent allows you to check the wound and the dressing underneath without removing the plaster. This is especially valuable for wounds that require regular inspection or treatment.

Buy Fixomull Transparent

Choose reliable and visible dressing fixation with Fixomull Transparent and order today. With its stretchable and transparent properties, this fixation plaster is a valuable aid for effective wound treatment. Rely on Fixomull for high-quality medical supplies and optimal dressing fixation, always ready to provide the best care to your patients. Fixomull Transparent allows you to monitor and control the healing of wounds while keeping the dressing firmly in place.

Specification Fixomull Transparent 10 cm x 10 m

  • Size: 10 cm x 10 m
  • Brand: Fixomull
  • Surgical adhesive plaster on a roll, with sliding sheet
  • Suitable for showering
10 m x 10 cm
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