Idealast elastic bandage 5 mx 12 cm 10 pieces
Idealast elastic bandage 5 mx 12 cm 10 pieces
Idealast elastic bandage 5 mx 12 cm 10 pieces
Idealast elastic bandage 5 mx 12 cm...
Idealast elastic bandage 5 mx 12 cm...
Idealast elastic bandage 5 mx 12 cm...

Idealast elastic bandage 5 mx 12 cm 10 pieces

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Want to buy an Idealast bandage?

Are you looking for a reliable bandage that offers both comfort and effectiveness? Idealast fixation bandages are what you need. Whether you are a healthcare professional or someone looking for extra support, Idealast meets all your needs. Let's find out why!

Why Idealast bandages?

Idealast bandages are specially designed to meet various needs. They are perfect for:

  • Medium Compression: These bandages are ideal for the prophylaxis and follow-up treatment of venous insufficiency, by providing controlled pressure.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you need support for a musculoskeletal injury, are looking for a sports bandage, need a wound pressure bandage, or need to apply a splint, Idealast bandages provide the required support and protection.

What are the benefits of Idealast bandage?

Idealast bandages are more than just bandages; they are an essential tool for healthcare and personal care. The benefits include:

  • Quality and comfort: The bandages are 5 m long and 12 cm wide, packed per 10 rolls. They consist of 69% cotton and 31% polyamide, which ensures durable elasticity with a short stretch of approximately 80%. This combination prevents slipping and ensures long-lasting comfort.
  • Ease of use and durability: Idealast is breathable, skin-friendly and universally applicable, even for patients at rest. They are economical to use thanks to their long lifespan. In addition, they are washable at 60 °C and sterilizable in an autoclave at 134 °C.

Affordable overpacks for frequent users

Do you work in a medical institution, are you a general practitioner or medical professional and do you regularly need large numbers of bandages? Then take advantage of our special offers on overpacks of Idealast bandages. These bulk packs are not only economical, but also ensure a continuous supply of high-quality bandages. Ideal for institutions that value quality and efficiency.

Idealast bandages combine quality, comfort and versatility, making them the perfect choice for medical professionals and individual users alike. Whether you need support for sports activities, medical care or personal well-being, Idealast offers the solution. Choose Idealast bandages for reliable, comfortable and durable support.

Ready to add Idealast bandages to your medical kit? Visit our website or contact our customer service for more information or to place your order. Choose Idealast, where quality and comfort come together!

Product specifications Idealast bandage 9311562
  • Contents: 10 rolls
  • Hartmann article number: 9311562
  • Bandage size: 5 m x 12 cm
  • Material: 69% cotton & 31% polyamide
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