Fingerbob White 100 pcs
Vingerbob Wit Large 100 stuks
Fingerbob White 100 pcs
Vingerbob Wit Large 100 stuks

Fingerbob White 100 pcs

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Buy Finger Bobs - Essential protection for finger wounds

When it comes to protecting minor finger wounds and injuries, finger bobs are an indispensable tool. Are you considering getting finger bobs?

Advantages of a Fingerbob

Finger bobs offer a range of benefits that enhance your wound care and recovery process:

  1. Protection and Insulation: Finger bobs protect finger wounds from dirt, bacteria and friction. They insulate the wound and promote safe healing.

  2. Bandage Retention: If you have a finger wound with a bandage, a finger bob will help keep the bandage in place and prevent it from coming loose.

  3. Freedom of Movement: Finger bobs are designed to fit comfortably and still allow your finger full range of motion, allowing you to perform your daily activities without restriction.

  4. Latex free

How do I use a finger bob?

Using a finger bob is easy: Clean and dry the wound and surrounding area carefully. Place the dressing over the wound, making sure it is well covered. Gently slide the fingerbob over the bandage and your finger, making sure the bandage stays in place.

Order your finger bobs now

Protect your finger wounds and promote a speedy recovery with our high quality finger bobs. Whether you have a minor wound or are recovering from an injury, finger bobs are your reliable wound care companion. Order today and enjoy the benefits of comfortable protection and healing. Go for carefree, go for recovery, choose our finger bobs.

The finger bandage is used for wounds on the finger, for example, so that no contamination or protection against contamination occurs. Consider, for example, for work in the hospitality industry to keep a plaster in place.

What are fingerbobs used for?

Do you suffer from a cut or minor injury around the fingers and then apply a patch, but are you still afraid of losing the patch? A finger bob ensures that the patch stays in place correctly and does not come off the skin. Do you work in the food industry or hospitality industry? Then make sure that the blue HACCP version is used.

In the world of First Aid & Emergency Response, the fingerbobs are also called fingerlinge, fingerband or fingerbob. Make sure that the wadding is always available at every sports club or school. Make sure that the finger bandage is always present in the first aid kit or first aid box and that the contents are complete and checked annually.

Specification Fingerbob White

  • Contents: 100 Pieces
  • Colour White
  • Available in different units and sizes
  • Brand: MHCI
van Heek Medical
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100 Pieces

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