Fingerbob HACCP Blue 100 pieces

Fingerbob HACCP Blue 100 pieces

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Buy Finger Bobs Blue - Hygienic protection in the food industry

Are you active in the food industry and looking for effective wound care and protection? Then consider purchasing blue finger bobs.

Do you suffer from a cut or minor injury around the fingers and then apply a patch, but are you still afraid of losing the patch? A finger bob ensures that the patch stays in place correctly and does not come off the skin. Do you work in the food industry or hospitality industry? Then make sure that the blue HACCP version is used.

In the world of First Aid & Emergency Response, the fingerbobs are also called fingerlinge, fingerband or fingerbob. Make sure that the wadding is always available at every sports club or school. Make sure that the finger bandage is always present in the first aid kit or first aid kit and that the contents are complete and checked annually.+

Benefits of a finger bob in the food industry

Blue finger bobs offer a range of benefits that are critical to hygiene and wound care in the food industry:

  1. HACCP Compliance: In compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines, blue finger bobs help maintain a hygienic environment and prevent cross-contamination.

  2. Visibility: The blue color of the finger bobs is eye-catching and easy to spot, allowing any dislodged particles to be quickly spotted and avoided.

  3. Safety and Protection: Blue finger bobs protect wounds and bandages in a hygienic way, ensuring the integrity of food products.

Where are blue finger bobs used?

Blue finger bobs are used extensively in the food industry, such as:

  1. Food preparation: In kitchens, restaurants and food processing facilities, workers wear blue fingerbobs to prevent bandage particles from getting into the food.

  2. Catering: At events and catering services, blue finger bobs ensure that food is handled and served hygienically.

  3. Manufacturing and Packaging: In food packaging factories, blue finger bobs prevent wounds from introducing contaminants.

  4. Latex free

Order your blue finger bobs now

Opt for hygienic protection and meet the strict standards of the food industry with our blue finger bobs. Whether you work in a kitchen, prepare food or provide catering services, blue finger bobs are your partner in hygienic wound care. Order today and enjoy the benefits of visible protection and compliance with HACCP guidelines. Go for safety, go for hygiene, choose our blue finger bobs.

The finger bandage is used for wounds on the finger, for example, so that no contamination occurs or protection against contamination. Consider, for example, for work in the hospitality industry to keep a plaster in place.

Specification Fingerbob HACCP Blue

  • Contents: 100 Pieces
  • Color blue
  • Available in different units and sizes
  • Brand: MHCI products
van Heek Medical
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