Wattenstaafjes met Alcoholtip 5 stuks
Wattenstaafjes met Alcoholtip 5 stuks
Wattenstaafjes met Alcoholtip 5 stuks
Wattenstaafjes met Alcoholtip 5 stuks
Wattenstaafjes met Alcoholtip 5 stuks
Wattenstaafjes met Alcoholtip 5 stuks

Cotton swabs with alcohol tip 5 pcs

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Alkotip Cotton Swabs - Effective Cleaning with Alcohol

Looking for Alkotip Cotton Swabs?

Are you looking for cotton swabs that provide a thorough and disinfecting cleaning? Then Alkotip cotton swabs are the ideal choice. These special cotton swabs are designed to clean with alcohol, making them extremely effective at removing dirt, grease and bacteria.

Whether for personal use, for professional applications or in a medical environment, Alkotip swabs guarantee hygienic and powerful cleaning.

Why Use Alcohol Swabs?

Cotton swabs with alcohol offer many advantages for optimal cleaning:

  • Thorough Disinfection: Alcohol has a disinfecting effect and removes bacteria and germs.
  • Fast and Efficient: Thanks to the alcohol, the cotton swabs quickly and efficiently clean small surfaces and hard-to-reach places.
  • Versatility: Alkotip swabs are suitable for various applications, such as cleaning electronics, medical instruments, glasses, jewelry and much more.
  • Hygienic: The cotton swabs are for single use and thus ensure hygienic cleaning without reusing the same swab.

How do I use a Cotton Swab with Alcohol?

Using Alkotip cotton swabs is easy:

  1. Take a cotton swab from the package.
  2. Dip the end of the cotton swab in alcohol or disinfectant liquid.
  3. Gently squeeze the end to remove excess liquid.
  4. Clean the desired surface by rubbing gently with the moistened end.
  5. Dispose of the cotton swab after use for a single use.

Add Alkotip swabs to your first aid kit, cleaning supplies or toolbox for versatile use. We offer fast home delivery, so order your Alkotip swabs today and experience the power of cleaning with alcohol!

The alcohol swabs packed per 5 pieces for skin disinfection during, for example, a vaccination or puncture. Extremely suitable for general practitioners or emergency treatments.

Why buy or order cotton swabs?

  • Soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Equipped with Ø 10 mm tip
  • Packed per piece
  • Length: 100mm
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