Zetuvit absorbent compress non-sterile 20 x 20 cm 30 pieces
Zetuvit absorbent compress non-sterile 20 x 20 cm 30 pieces
Zetuvit absorbent compress non-sterile 20 x 20 cm 30 pieces
Zetuvit absorbent compress...
Zetuvit absorbent compress...
Zetuvit absorbent compress...

Zetuvit absorbent compress non-sterile 20 x 20 cm 30 pieces

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Buy Zetuvit absorbent bandage non-sterile 20 x 20 cm - Optimal wound care for various applications

Are you looking for high-quality absorbent dressings for wound care? Then definitely consider Zetuvit absorbent compresses that are not sterile packaged. These powerful compresses, packed in packs of 30, are made up of four precisely matched layers of material and offer the ideal solution for the care of heavily exuding wounds and the comfortable padding of wounds. Find out why Zetuvit absorbent compresses without sterile packaging are the right choice for your needs.

Why Zetuvit absorbent compress?

Zetuvit absorbent compresses enjoy an excellent reputation for their impressive absorbency and thoughtful construction. Here are some reasons why they are the smart choice:

1. Highly absorbent

The core of Zetuvit consists of cellulose fluff, which provides significant absorption capacity. This makes the compress ideal for highly exuding wounds, where excess wound fluid is effectively absorbed and contained, which contributes to optimal wound healing.

2. Four layers of material

Zetuvit absorbent compresses are made up of four carefully coordinated layers:

  • Silky soft cover made of non-adherent double-layer non-woven : This cover ensures that the compress does not stick to the wound, which prevents painful removal and supports wound healing.

  • Absorbent cellulose fluff core : This layer has impressive absorbency and holds moisture tightly, preventing leakage.

  • Tissue layer for distribution of exudate : This layer ensures an even distribution of the absorbed fluid over the entire compress, which increases patient comfort.

  • Moisture-repellent layer of polypropylene non-woven on the back : This layer protects against contamination from the outside and prevents moisture from leaking back, which is essential to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

3. Non-sterile wrapped gauze

Zetuvit absorbent compresses are not sterile packaged, making them suitable for various applications where sterility is not an absolute requirement. The pack of 30 pieces offers practical ease of use.

When to use Zetuvit absorbent dressing?

Zetuvit absorbent compresses are ideal in situations where effective wound care is of great importance. Consider using Zetuvit when:

  • You are dealing with wounds that produce significant amounts of exudate (wound fluid), such as ulcers, surgical incisions or burns.

  • It is crucial to prevent or reduce pressure sores, especially when padding sensitive areas or in patients at increased risk of pressure ulcers.

  • You need an absorbent pad that reliably retains moisture and prevents leakage to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Advantages of ordering Zetuvit absorbent compress without sterile packaging

Zetuvit absorbent compresses without sterile packaging offer numerous benefits for both healthcare providers and patients:

For Healthcare Providers:

  • Efficient wound care : The impressive absorption capacity ensures effective wound care, which promotes healing.

  • Suitable for various applications : Zetuvit without sterile packaging is versatile in situations where sterility is not strictly required.

  • Practical packaging : The 30-pack pack offers convenience and economic value for healthcare institutions and home care.

For private individuals & patients:

  • Comfortable padding : The silky soft cover and the even distribution of exudate ensure a comfortable padding, which improves wearing comfort.

  • Painless removal : Thanks to the non-adherent covering, painful removal of the compress is prevented.

  • Improvement of quality of life : Patients can count on a better quality of life thanks to the reduction of discomfort and pressure points.

Zetuvit absorbent compresses without sterile packaging, measuring 20 x 20 cm, offer optimal wound care for various applications. Their impressive absorbency, four-layer construction and non-adherent properties make them a valuable addition to any first aid kit, medical supply or wound care kit. Whether you are a healthcare provider caring for patients or an individual treating wounds at home, you can trust Zetuvit for reliable and effective wound care.

Don't hesitate and make sure you are always well prepared for situations where wound care is required. Order your Zetuvit absorbent compresses now without sterile packaging and experience the benefits of this high-quality wound care solution for yourself. With Zetuvit you can count on comfortable and hygienic wound care, every time. Order your Zetuvit absorbent compresses today and give your wounds the care they deserve.

Product specifications Zetuvit absorbent compress 4138036 20 x 20 cm

  • Contents: 30 pieces
  • Dimensions: 20 x 20 cm
  • Hartmann article number 4138036
  • Material: Cellulose
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