Buscopan 10mg 100 tablets

Buscopan 10mg 100 tablets

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Want to buy Buscopan? Discover the benefits of Buscopan tablets

Are you looking for relief from cramps and painful spasms in the stomach and intestinal area? Then consider Buscopan, a proven medication specifically designed to treat these uncomfortable symptoms.

Why Buscopan tablets?

  • Effective cramp relief: Buscopan tablets have been developed to relieve cramps and painful spasms in the stomach and intestinal region. The active ingredient, scopolamine butyl bromide, acts directly on the muscles of the stomach and intestines, relaxing them and reducing pain. This allows you to quickly experience relief from uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Proven Buscopan effect: The effect of Buscopan is clinically proven and recognized worldwide. It is a reliable choice for people who suffer from cramps and painful spasms due to digestive problems. Buscopan helps you to continue your daily activities without the hindrances of abdominal pain.
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting effect: Buscopan tablets work quickly to relieve cramps and provide long-lasting effectiveness. This means you can expect quick relief and be protected from uncomfortable symptoms for some time. It is a useful solution for people who repeatedly suffer from stomach and intestinal complaints.
  • Safe to use: Buscopan is safe to use, but as with any drug, side effects can occur. It is important to follow recommended dosages and report side effects to a healthcare provider. In case of doubt or serious side effects, always consult a doctor.

What age is Buscopan suitable for?

Buscopan is suitable for adults and children from 6 years. It is important to determine the correct dosage based on the child's age and body weight. Always consult a doctor or pharmacist before giving Buscopan to children. Adults For adults, Buscopan offers an effective way to treat cramps and painful spasms. Whether you're dealing with digestive issues, menstrual cramps, or other conditions that cause cramps, Buscopan can provide relief. Children from 6 years Buscopan is suitable for children from 6 years, but the dosage must be carefully adjusted to the age and weight of the child. It is important to get medical advice before giving Buscopan to children to ensure it is used safely and effectively.

Composition Buscopan

Active substances: One coated tablet contains 10 mg butylscopolamine bromide. Excipients: calcium monohydrogen phosphate (E341), maize starch, starch (soluble), colloidal silicic acid (E551), tartaric acid (E334), stearic acid (E570), polyvidone (E1201), sucrose (sucrose), talc (E553b), gum arabic (E414), titanium dioxide (E171), polyethylene glycol 6000, carnauba wax and white wax

What is the dosage of Buscopan tablets?

Adults The recommended dose for adults is one to two coated tablets three to five times a day. Children from 6 years The recommended dose for children from 6 years is one to two coated tablets three to five times a day.

RVG number: 3834

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