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Care Plus® Anti-Insect Deet spray 40% is het sterkste insecten afwerende middel voor de huid..........


buy Care Plus Deet 40% Spray?

Effective protection against insect bites

Are you considering buying Care Plus Deet 40% Spray? Good choice! This powerful insect repellent spray offers effective protection against mosquitoes, ticks and other annoying insects. Whether you are planning an outdoor adventure, traveling to a tropical destination or just want to enjoy your garden, Care Plus Deet 40% Spray is your ally against insect bites.

Long lasting effect

One of the advantages of Care Plus Deet 40% Spray is its long-lasting effect. Just one application provides up to 8 hours of protection against insect bites. This means you can enjoy it all day long without worrying about nasty bites.

Suitable for different destinations

Care Plus Deet 40% Spray is suitable for different destinations and situations. Whether you are camping, hiking, fishing, traveling or just want to relax in the backyard, this spray will protect you from bug bites. It is also ideal for tropical destinations where mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as malaria and dengue.

Safe and trustworthy

Care Plus is a trusted brand that meets high quality standards. The Deet 40% Spray is safe to use according to the guidelines and recommendations of experts. It contains the active ingredient DEET, which has been proven effective in repelling insects. This allows you to enjoy your outdoor activities with peace of mind.

Why use Care Plus Deet 40% Spray?

Effective protection against mosquitoes and ticks

Care Plus Deet 40% Spray offers effective protection against mosquitoes and ticks. The active ingredient DEET disrupts the scent recognition of insects, making them less likely to bite you. This reduces the risk of itchy bites and the transmission of diseases that can be spread by mosquitoes and ticks.

Long-lasting effect and easy to apply

The long-lasting effect of Care Plus Deet 40% Spray ensures that you are protected against insect bites for a long time. Moreover, the spray is easy to apply thanks to the handy spray bottle. You can distribute it evenly over the skin for optimal protection.

N,N-dietyl-m-toluamide (deet) 38.8% w/w (Cas 134-62-3), Ethanol 60.0% w/w) Cas 64-17-5

Cover the skin with clothing as much as possible when you go outside. Wear long pants, long-sleeved outerwear, closed-toe shoes and socks. Use Anti-Insect DEET 40% spray to lubricate the uncovered skin. Spray the mosquito repellent on the skin and spread it with the palm of your hand. Spray a small amount on your fingertips and spread over your face. Wash your hands and then spray the back of your hands. Always keep fingers free in connection with the consumption of food or drink.

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