Otalgan ear spray 2 in 1 20ml

Otalgan ear spray 2 in 1 20ml

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Buy Otalgan Ear Spray? Take care of and protect your ears with Otalgan

Looking for an effective way to care for and protect your ears? Otalgan Ear Spray is the ideal choice. This specially developed spray helps prevent ear problems and keeps your ears clean and healthy. At Otalgan we understand the importance of good ear care, which is why we have developed this ear spray to provide optimal protection.

Why use Otalgan Ear Spray?

Otalgan Ear Spray offers several benefits for your ears. Here are some reasons why you should choose Otalgan Ear Spray:

  • Cares for and cleans the ear canal: Otalgan Ear Spray gently cleanses the ear canal and removes excess wax and dirt, leaving your ears clean and healthy.
  • Prevents earwax buildup: Regular use of Otalgan Ear Spray can help prevent earwax buildup, reducing the risk of clogged ears and other ear problems.
  • Handy spray bottle: The handy spray bottle makes applying the ear spray easy and precise, allowing you to apply the right amount of spray without any hassle.
  • Suitable for daily use: Otalgan Ear Spray is suitable for daily use and can be safely applied to care for and protect your ears.

With Otalgan Ear Spray you can enjoy good ear care with confidence. It is an essential product for anyone who values healthy and well-groomed ears.

When to use Otalgan Ear Spray?

Otalgan Ear Spray can be used in various situations to care for and protect your ears. Here are some times when you can use Otalgan Ear Spray:

  • Daily ear care: Use Otalgan Ear Spray as part of your daily ear care routine to keep your ear canal clean and prevent the build-up of ear wax.
  • After wearing hearing aids: If you wear hearing aids, Otalgan Ear Spray can help clean your ear canal and protect it from any irritation or infection.
  • After swimming: Use Otalgan Ear Spray after swimming to clean your ears and remove any residual water from your hearing.

- Relief of itching and cleaning of the ear canal

Ectoin®, sea salt, citrate buffer, water

Apply 1-2 sprays to the ear canal several times a day. Read the user manual before use.

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