Penlight Classic Six pack
Penlight Classic Six pack
Penlight Classic Six pack
Penlight Classic Six pack

Penlight Classic Six pack

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Penlight Classic Six Pack, for examination of the throat, mouth & ear!

Illuminate your medical practice with the Penlight Classic Six Pack, the perfect set of penlights that are essential for any clinical and practice environment. This set provides bright, focused light, ideal for a variety of examinations, from assessing pupillary response to inspecting the mouth and throat.

Each penlight is equipped with a handy spring clip, making it easy to attach to your uniform for quick access when needed. The imprint pupil measurement scale on each penlight allows accurate observations, essential for assessing neurological functions.

These penlights are not only functional, but also environmentally friendly. They are equipped with long-lasting, proven batteries that are free of harmful substances such as cadmium and mercury. After use, you can dispose of them safely and responsibly, thanks to the sealed construction that prevents leakage or contamination.

The Penlight Classic Six Pack is the ideal choice for medical professionals who value reliability, precision and durability. With this set you always have a reliable penlight at hand, ready for any situation that requires light.

Choose the Penlight Classic Six Pack and ensure that you are always prepared with high-quality, focused light in any medical setting.

Product specifications Penlight Classic

  • Brand: Servocare
  • Colour White
  • Contents: 6 pieces penlight

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