Contec Pulse Oximeter 50D

Contec Pulse Oximeter 50D

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Keep an eye on your health with the Contec CMS50D Pulse oximeter

The Contec CMS50D Pulse Oximeter is your reliable partner for monitoring oxygen saturation and heart rate, essential for a wide range of users such as athletes, lung patients, and more. This handy finger clip quickly and painlessly measures the oxygen level in your blood, as well as your heart rate, so you are always aware of your vital functions.

This pulse oximeter is distinguished by its bright 2-color OLED screen, which is easy to read even in the dark. You can adjust the brightness as desired and set the reading direction of the screen horizontally or vertically for optimal ease of use. The numbers on the display can be enlarged, which further improves readability.

A unique feature is the display of pulse signals as a graph (plethysmogram) on the screen, which gives you insight into the regularity and strength of your heartbeat. Suitable for both home use and professional use in medical institutions. With your purchase you will receive a neck strap and an English manual; a Dutch manual is available digitally upon request.

Advantages of the Contec Pulse Oximeter 50D

  • Direct measurements : Painlessly measure your oxygen saturation (%SpO2) and heart rate via the finger clip.
  • Clear display : Clear 2-color OLED screen, easy to read even in the dark.
  • Adjustable screen : Display rotatable for horizontal or vertical reading direction.
  • Increased readability : Enlarges the numbers on the display for better visibility.
  • Graphical representation : Shows pulse signals as a graph (plethysmogram).
  • Versatile use : Ideal for home use and professional settings.
  • Includes accessories : Comes with neck strap and manual (Dutch manual available digitally).

Technical specifications

  • Battery life : Up to 30 hours of continuous use or 2,500 measurements with 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (not included).
  • Measuring range : SpO2: 35~99%, Pulse: 30~250BPM.
  • Accuracy : ±2% for SpO2 (70%~99%), ±2 BPM for pulse rate.
  • Compact Size : Only 57×33×32mm, perfect for on the go.

Why Choose the Contec Pulse Oximeter 50D?

With the Contec Pulse Oximeter 50D you choose accuracy, ease of use and reliability. Whether you are a healthcare professional, an athlete or someone who closely monitors their health, this pulse oximeter offers the functionalities you need. Invest in your health with the Contec Pulse Oximeter 50D, your loyal partner in health monitoring.

Product specifications Saturation meter 50E

  • Brand: Contec
  • Color: Blue & White
  • Battery supply: 2 x AAA batteries
  • 1 year warranty
Can be connected to PC/Telephone
Measuring range Heart rate
30 - 250 Bpm
Suitable for children
Memory function
1 Year
Delivery time
Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.

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