Heine Mini 3000 LED FO Otoscope Incl. Batteries

Heine Mini 3000 LED FO Otoscope Incl. Batteries

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Heine Mini 3000 LED FO otoscope: Illumination new standards in diagnostics

Discover the Heine Mini 3000 LED FO D-008.70.120 otoscope, a revolutionary step forward in medical diagnostic instruments. This modern otoscope offers maintenance-free LED lighting that is twice as bright as conventional Xenon halogen instruments, giving you unparalleled clarity and precision with every examination.

Completely maintenance-free, the LED technology in this otoscope eliminates the need for lamp replacement and provides consistent light output thanks to advanced thermal management. HEINE sets a new standard for medical instruments, where only the best is good enough. This approach results in HEINE quality LED lighting (LEDHQ) that guarantees optimal color rendering index and light intensity.

The kit includes the mini3000 handle, four reusable tips, and five each of 2.5mm and 4mm specula, along with the necessary batteries. The otoscope has an exclusive battery performance indicator that indicates the maximum light intensity when turned on and adjusts the light intensity according to the current battery charge status.

With Distal Fiber Optic (FO) illumination, the otoscope provides reflex-free illumination of the tympanum and ear canal, while the viewing window with 3x magnification and optimized housing ensures razor-sharp images. The built-in rotating viewing window facilitates instrumentation and cannot be lost.

A mounting clip with integrated on/off switch provides convenience and safety, and automatically turns off when the otoscope is placed in the pocket. With replaceable batteries and an optional rechargeable battery with mini NT table charger, this otoscope offers a typical operating time of 10 hours.

Choose the Heine Mini 3000 LED FO otoscope for advanced diagnostics with optimal lighting, durability and ease of use.

Advantages of the Heine Mini 3000 LED FO D-008.70.120 otoscope

  • Modern LED lighting : Maintenance-free with twice the brightness of Xenon halogen.
  • Long operating time : Up to 10 hours with the included batteries.
  • LEDHQ : LED Thermal management for consistent light output and optimal color rendering.
  • Distal fiber optic relief : Provides reflex-free relief of the eardrum and ear canal.
  • Viewing window with 3x magnification : For razor-sharp images and minimal reflection.
  • Pneumatic test function : For testing the mobility of the eardrum.
  • Convenient mounting clip : With integrated on/off switch that automatically switches off when placed in the pocket.
  • Flexible power options : With replaceable AA batteries or optional rechargeable battery.
  • Fade-Out function : Efficient use of batteries with a visual indicator for battery status.

Why Heine?

Heine is known worldwide for its quality, innovation and sustainability in medical instrumentation. By choosing a Heine product, you choose an instrument that meets the highest standards in the medical world. The Mini 3000 LED FO otoscope is no exception and represents Heine's commitment to excellence. This instrument is designed to provide professionals with reliable, efficient and easy-to-use patient care tools. Choose Heine and experience the security of working with top quality medical instruments.

What parts does the Heine Mini 3000 LED FO D-008.70.120 otoscope contain?

  1. Heine mini 3000 Otoscope FO LED
  2. Heine mini 3000 battery handle
  3. 1 set (4 pcs.) reusable tips (B-000.11.111)
  4. 10 AllSpec disposable tips 4 mm Ø
  5. Hard case (Storage case)

Product specifications Heine Mini 3000 LED Fiber Optic otoscope

  • Heine article number: D-008.70.120
  • Color: Silver & Black
  • Voltage: 2.5V
  • Lighting: LED
  • Handle type: AA battery handle
Type of lighting
Type of Battery
AA Battery
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